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RBC Bioscience MagCore HF48 User Manual page 15

Magcore automated nucleic acid extractor. magcore nucleic acid extraction kits
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Running Time: 70 min
Preparation before using
1. Add 1.1ml PK Storage Buffer to the Proteinase K tube and mix by vortexing. Store prepared Proteinase K (10mg/ml) at -20°C.
1. Pipet 20 μl proteinase K(10mg/ml) into the MagCore Sample Tubes.
2. Add 1200μl of serum, plasma, cell-free body fluids into the prepared Sample Tube. (if plasma becomes viscous, please
centrifuge at 14,000 rpm for 10 min and transfer clear plasma to new tube.)
3. Place the prepared Sample Tube into well 4 of T-rack.
4. Put the Elution Tube into well 1 of T-Rack and the Tip Plus Holder Set into well 2 of T-Rack.
5. Run Code.105 program at MagCore®.
(sample volume: 1200μl)



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