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Using Your Oven; General"_Ps - Maytag CRE9500C Use & Care Manual

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Delicious baking and
As ranges and wall ovens get older, it is not uncom-
roasting results
mon for the oven temperature to shift. It is normal
depend on the recipe,
to notice some cooking time differences between a
type of pan used and
new oven and an old one. Compare your recipes
with tested recipes for proper recommendations,
the rack and pan
Use tested recipes from dependable cookbooks.
Follow directions carefully and use fresh ingredients,
Measure and mix as instructed and use the recom-
mended pan size.
Preheat the oven if called for in the recipe or on the
package directions. Preheating is NOT necessary for
roasting. Selecting a temperature higher than the
desired temperature will not preheat the oven any
faster. In fact, this may have a negative effect on
baking results.
Do not cover the entire oven rack or oven bottom
with aluminum foil or place it directly under a pan. If
needed to catch spill-overs from baked items, place
a piece of foil cut a little larger than the pan on the
rack below the pan. However, foil will reduce air flow
and may cause poor baking results. In a gas oven,
placing foil on the oven bottom may cause perma-
nent damage to the porcelain enamel,



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