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Bakingpans; Rackpositions; Panpositions - Maytag CRE9500C Use & Care Manual

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Most recipes provide minimum
Frozen pies in foil pans should be
maximum baking times such as "bake
placed on pans with dark or dull fin-
35-45 minutes."
Check the baking
ishes for baking. The shiny foil pan
progress at the minimum
reflects heat away from the pie de-
NOT open the door until the minimum
creasing browning while the dark pan
time haselapsed. Ifthe doorisopened
helps absorb the heat and improves
too frequently, heat will escape, which
bottom browning.
can affect baking results.
Rack Positions
The correct rack position depends on
Always use the pan size recommended
the kind of food and the browning
in the recipe. Many pans have the mea-
desired. As a general rule, center the
surements marked on them.
If there
rack in the middle ofthe oven. If food
are no measurements, measure inside
is placed on a rack toward the top of
width and length of the pan.
the oven, top browning
may be too
dark. If food is placed on a rack lo-
cated near the bottom of the oven, the
food may be too dark on the bottom.
Refer to the User's Guide for specific
rack positions,
When baking foods in one pan, place
pan in the center of the oven rack.
When baking in more than one pan,
allow one to two inches between the
pans and the edge of the pan(s) and
the oven walls.
If baking on more than one rack, stag-
ger the pans so one pan is not directly
over another pan.
Do not crowd a rack with pans. Never
place more than one 9x13-inch or
larger pan on one rack.
Do not place pans directly on the oven
Cookies baked in pans with short sides
all around may result in lighter top
browning or uneven top browning. For
best results select cookie sheets with-
out sides.



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