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Maytag CRG9700C User Manual

With touch control
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  • Page 2: For Future Reference

    FOR FUTURE REFERENCE MODELS Congratulations on your choice of a Maytag gas range. CRG77 , CH69SOOn On the following pages you will find information regarding flae operation of your new range. By following these instructions earefidly, you will be able to t\dly enjoy and maintain your range.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using Have your appliance installed and properly grounded a qualified installer according to the installation this appliance. instructions. Have the installer show you the location of following instructions based oil safety gas shut off valve and how to shut it off in an...
  • Page 4 Child Safety WARNING: To rednee risk of tipping of tile appliance from ahnorinal usage or hv excessive loading Do not leave children alone or unsupervised near the of the oven door, the appliance must be secured hv a appliance when it is in use or is still hot. properly installed anti-tip...
  • Page 5 Loose fitting lnng systems. The use of devices ur accessories that are not hanging-sleeved apparel expressly recommended in this mannal can create should not be worn while serious sa(bty hazards, restllt in pedbrmance problems, cooking. Clothing may ignite and reduce the lilk_of the components of the appliance.
  • Page 6: Clock And Oven Control

    Z on the model you selected. on your Ma.vtag on your The electronic clock and oven control following pads ('ound Maytag eloek and oven eontroh electronic range is used for the time-of-day clock, tiiner, bake, broil, programmed...
  • Page 7 Clock Setting the Clock and Timer Use this pad to set the time-uf-day clock. For instruc- Clock tions to do this, see below. To set the time-of-day clock: You may also press this pad to recall the current time of day.
  • Page 8 SURFACE COOKING Sealed Burners Panel Light (select models) panel light is turned on by pushing the rocker The sealed burners of your range, are secured to tim switch on the control panel. It mav. be turned off by cooktop and arc not designed to be removed.
  • Page 9 Use a HIGH tlame Lighting Surface Burners setting to qnickly 1. Place a pan on the burner grate. bring foods NOTE: burner flame may appear separated boil or to begin froIn tim port, especially oil sealed burners, if a pail is cooking operation.
  • Page 10: Baking And Roasting

    This is nonnal. within 30 seconds, the program will automatically cancel. Your Maytag range is eqnipped with pilotless ignitiou. with this type of ignition system, oven will not operate during...
  • Page 11 Oven Light Programmed Oven Operations Push tlle switch on the control panel marked OVEN The Programmed Oven Operations t_ature is used t(i LIGHT to torn it on and off. On select models tile oven turn the oven off at a preset time of day or delay staI_t and then turn off the oven.
  • Page 12 Example for Immediate Start: Example for Delay Start: Food is to cook for 11/2hours at 350°E Food is to cook for 21/2 hours at 350°E You wish the food to be cooked by 6:00. 1. Press the COOK TIME pad. 1.
  • Page 13 Broiling 3. Follow the snggested times in the broiling ehart below. Broil mitil the top of the nleat is bmwned. Broil in oven eax4ty or in broiling compartment (select should be approximately half cooked bv the time the models see diagTam below). top is browned.
  • Page 14: Manual-Clean

    CARE AND CLEANING The first t_w times the oven is cleaned, some smoke WARNING: Before cleaning, be certain and odor may be detected. This is normal and will controls are turned off and the range is cool. lessen or disappear with use.
  • Page 15: Oven Bottom

    This is a normal condition resulting })onl the more information cleaning your heating and cooling (7[ tire porcelain [inislL These lines Maytag range, refer to the following cleaning do not affbet the perlk)rmance of the oven. chart, pages 14-15 PAGE 13...
  • Page 16 Range Cleaning Chart Cleaning Agents* Many dift_rent cleaning agents are recommended for the various parts of the ranges. Read product labels specific recommendations. The ff_llowing brand names may help you to make an appropriate selection: 1, Mikt abrasive cleaners such as Bon Ami, Sot} Scrub, Smart Scrub, Baking Soda. 2, Mild sprays such as Fantastik and Formula...
  • Page 17 Range Cleaning Chart (continued) Soap and water Do not use oven cleaner, abrasive or caustic cleaning Mild liquid sprays agents on pl*stie finishes ..These eleaningga ents. will scratch or mar tim finish. To prevent staining or discoloration, remove fat, grease or acid (tomato. lemon, vinegar, milk, fruit juice, marinad_) soils immediately with a dry paper towe! or cloth.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Electrical Connection Leveling Legs Some floors are not leve!. For proper haking, your range Appliances which require electrical power are equipped must be level. The leveling legs are located on each with a three-prong grounding plug which must corner of t!le base of the range.
  • Page 19 _mcnrate than the one on your old range. For further assistance contact your Maytag dealer • Was the oven vent covered or blocked on the range or call Maytag Customer Service: surface? U.S. 1-800-688-9900 Moisture condensation on oven window...
  • Page 20: Warranty

    To Receive Warranty Service "17) l ocate an authorized s_r\'k e company in your area ('ontact the' Ma)_ag dealer from whom )_mr appliance was purchased; or call Maytag Customer Se]wice. Should you not receive satisfactol) warrant, service,...

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