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Propercookware - Maytag CRE9500C Use & Care Manual

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Regardless of the
Proper pans will reduce cooking
use less en-
cooking surface used-
ergy and cook food more evenly. Optimum cook-
coil elements, ceramic
ing performance
can be achieved when heavy
gauge, flat, smooth bottom, metal pans with straight
glass, standard gas
sides and tight fitting lids are used. When selecting
burners or sealed gas
cookware consider construction, material and size.
burners - good results
depend on several
Flat Bottom Construction
factors. Cookware
Heat transfers primarily by conduction (contact). If
construction, size and
the pan is not flat, heat is not transferred as well
material; plus proper
and food will cook unevenly and take longer. To
heat setting or flame
determine the flatness of the bottom of a pan, try
size are critical for
one of these tests:
good results.
CookingTest: Put an inch of water into the pan. Place
it on the cooktop and turn the control to High. As
the water heats, observe the bubble formation.
the bubbles are uniform across the bottom of the
pan, it will perform satisfactorily. Uneven bubbre for-
mation indicates poor pan/cooktop contact which
causes hot spots and uneven cooking.
Ruler Test: Place the edge of a ruler across the
bottom of the pan. HoJd it up to the light. Little or
no right should be visible under the ruler.



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