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Heat Settings - Maytag CRE9500C Use & Care Manual

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Pan Size
On electric cooktops, match the size of
When canning, use the High setting
the pan to the coil element or indicated
just until the water comes to a boil or
cooking area. ldeally, the pan should not
pressure is reached in the pressure
extend more than 1/2-1" over the cook-
canner, then reduce to the lowest heat
ing area on ceramic glass cook-tops and
setting that maintains the boil or pres-
sure. If the heat is not turned down,
coil eooktops. Avoid using small pans
the cooktop may be damaged.
on large elements to reduce energy loss
and for safety reasons.
For more information on canning pro-
cedures, contact your local county Ex-
On gas cooktops,
adjust the burner
tension Office.
flame so it does not extend beyond the
edge of the pan. This is for safety
reasons and also to save energy.
It is better to select a lower setting and
Do not use oversized pans or pans that
increaseto a higher one later if needed.
rest across two elements or burners.
There are many factors that affect the
These may transfer heat to the porcelain
choice of the heat setting.
cooktop which causes cracking or chip-
Likewise, on ceramic glass
cooktops oversized pans (more than 1"
beyond indicatedcooking area) lengthen
cooking times.
Home Canning
Acceptable water-bath or pressure can-
ners should
not be oversized
should have flat bottoms. When can-
ners do not meet these standards, cook-
ing times
may be extended
cooktops may be damaged. For best
results, use a canner not more than 1"
size than that which maintains
larger than the cooking area on a co-
gentle boil. Water boils at the same
ramic glass surface and not more than
temperature, whether boiling vigor-
2" larger than a coil element or gas
ously or gently. If too high a setting
is used, food may burn on the bot-
tom before it is completely cooked.



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