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Other Publicetions Available From Maytag - Maytag CRE9500C Use & Care Manual

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Generally for a brown exterior and
rare interior, the meat should be close
to the element or flame.
If you want
the meat well done, place the broiler
pan farther from the element or flame.
Increasing the distance between the
meat and the heat source will de-
crease spattering and smoking.
When broiling in an electric oven, the
door should be opened to the broil
stop position (about 4"). When broil-
ing with e gas oven, the door should
be closed.
If the food requires turning, broil until
the top side is brown. Turn only once
during broiling.
Meat should be ap-
proximately half cooked by the time
the top is browned.
Consult the User's Guide for spe-
cific broiling times and rack posi-



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