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Convection Bakingand Roasting - Maytag CRE9500C Use & Care Manual

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Baking and
Method Works Best for .....
In a convection oven,
a fan circulates hot
• Convection baking is good for Jarge quantities of
air evenly over, under
baked foods such as cookies, biscuits, muffins,
and around the food.
brownies, cupcakes, sweet rolls and bread.
As e result, foods are
evenly cooked and
• Foods such as layer cakes or quick breads have a
browned - often in
more even top when baked with the regular con-
ventional baking method.
shorter cooking times
at lower tempera-
tures and with the
flexibility of using
• Convection roasting, in most cases, takes less
time and is good for large tender cuts of meat.
more racks at one
Use uncovered roasting pans with low sides.
Meats are generally dark brown on the outside
and tender and juicy inside,
• Less tender cuts of meat are best roasted with
the regular conventional
The regular
conventional method is also best when an oven
cooking bag or covered dish is required.



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