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General Convection "_Ps - Maytag CRE9500C Use & Care Manual

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Reduce the oven temperature by 25 °
for convection baking. Times will be
similar to or a few minutes lees than
recipe recommendations.
For multi-rack baking, it may be nec-
essary to remove the pan on the bot-
tom rack and/or top rack 1-2 minutes
the set time
to prevent
Cookie sheets should be made of
shiny metal without sides.
Three Rack Baking - For optimal
brown ing, place cookie sheets or rec-
tangular (9"x13") pans lengthwise,
front to back on the oven racks. Ar-
Do not reduce oven temperature by
range pans so they are directly over
25° for convection roasting. However
each other. Stacking pans one above
roasting times can be reduced up to
the other centers the food in front of
25% when using convection heat,
the convection fan which improves air
circulation and browning. If pans are
Refer to the Roasting Chart on page
too long to place front- to-back, cen-
11 for best results,
ter the pans side-to-side on the racks,
Do not use a roasting pan with high
Four Rack Baking - (This is based on
the use of rack positions 2, 3, 4 and 5
with the lowest position being #1--rec-
Do not cover meat.
ommended only on 30 inch width ov-
ens.) Stagger the pans on the racks
Since the breast meat and drumsticks
on a turkey cook more quickly than the i
so that one pan is NOT directly over
another pan. For example, on rack 2
thigh areas, place a "foil shield" over I
place the pan within one inch of the
these areas after desired brownees is
left wall of the oven, on rack 3 place
reached to prevent overbrowning,
the pan within one inch of the right
wall and so on,



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