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Maytag CRG8200B Manual

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on your choice of a Maytag gas range.
On the following
pages yon will find information
regarding the operation of your new range. By following
these instructions
carefully, yon will be able to fully
and maintain your range. Please take a moment to
review the enclosed booklet, "Cooking
Made Simple"
as well. Whether
you need assistance in selecting the
right cookware
or reviewing
the dos and don'ts of
Safety Instruetions
baking, the answers are contained in this booklet.
Should you have any questions about using your Maytag
Clock .........................
gas range, call or write us. Be sure to provide the model
• Setting the Clock and Timer ............
and serial numbers of your range.
Surface Cooking
• Cooktop ............................
• Burner Grates .......................
• Sealed Burners .......................
• Pilotless Ignition .....................
Using Your Oven .........................
For future referenee, we suggest you retain this manual
• Baking and Boasting ..................
after recording the model number and serial number of
• Broiling .............................
this gas range in the spaces provided. This information
can be found on the data plate located on the ficame
Range Cleaning Chart ....................
around tile broiler drawer,
• Removing Range for Cleaning and
Servicing ..........................
Serial Number
• Electrical Connection
• Proportional Valve Adjustment ..........
i 1
• Leveling Legs ........................
• Lift-Off Oven Door ...................
• Light Replacement
Before You Call for Service
Warranty ................................



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag CRG8200B

  • Page 1 Important Safety Instruetions ..... baking, the answers are contained in this booklet. Should you have any questions about using your Maytag Electronic Clock ......gas range, call or write us. Be sure to provide the model • Setting the Clock and Timer ....
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using Have your appliance installed and properly grounded by this appliance, a qualified installer according to the installation instructions. Have the installer show you the location of The following instructions are based on safety the gas shut off valve and how to shut it off in an considerations and must be strictly followed to reduce emergency.
  • Page 3 Child Safety when the range is replaced. Look underneath range to Do not leave children alone or unsupervised near the verify that one of the rear leveling legs is properly appliance when it is in use or is still hot. engaged in the bracket slot.
  • Page 4 Cleaning Safety Always place oven racks in the desired positions while oven is cool. If a rack must be moved while hot, use a Turn off all controls and wait for appliance parts to cool dry potholder. Always turn the oven off at the end of before touching or cleaning them.
  • Page 5: Electronic Clock

    ELECTRONIC CLOCK The electronic clock and timer on your Maytag range 3. Press and hold the MINUTE pad to set the correct will flash 12:00 when power is first supplied to the range minutes. To change the time by a single minute, give or if there is a power failure.
  • Page 6: Surface Cooking

    SURFACE COOKING Sealed Burners The sealed burners of your range are secured to the eooktop and are not designed to be removed. Since the burners are sealed into the cooL'top, boilovers or spills won't seep underneath the eooktop. Your range features two special Power Burners...
  • Page 7 Lighting the Surface Burners Use a HIGH flame 1. Place a pan on the burner grate, setting to quickly bring foods to a ._¢¢_0_. %¢ 2. Push in and turn on the knob to the START position, boil or to begin A clicking sound will be heard and the burner will cooking operation.
  • Page 8 This is normal, keep the racks from coming completely out of the oven Your Maytag range is equipped with pilotless ignition, when there is food placed on them. With this type of ignition system, the oven will not To remove: Be sure the rack is cool.
  • Page 9 Oven Bottom Setting the Controls for Broiling: To protect the oven bottom against spillovers, use the correct pan size. The oven bottom can be removed for cleaning ifspillovers occur. 1. Before broiling, trim excess fat to prevent excessive spattering or smoking. Cut slashes in the outer edges To remove: When cool, remove the oven racks.
  • Page 10 RANGE CLEANING CHART Cleaning Agents* Many different cleaning agents are recommended for the various parts of the ranges. Read product labels for specific recommendations. The following brand names may help you to make an appropriate selection: l. Mild abrasive cleaners such as Bon Ami, Soft Scrub, Smart Scrub, Baking Soda. 2.
  • Page 11 Range Cleaning Chart (continued) Removing Range for Cleaning Servicing When necessary, follow these procedures to remove 5, Reverse procedure to reinstall. If gas line has been appliance for cleaning or servicing: disconnected, cheek for gas leaks after reeonneetion. (See Installation Instructions for gas leak test 1.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Electrical Connection Leveling Legs Appliances which require electrical power are equipped Some floors are not level. For proper baldng, your range with a three-prong grounding plug which must be must be level. The leveling legs are located on each plugged directly into a properly grounded three-hole corner of the base of the range.
  • Page 13 To Receive Warranty Service To locate an authorized service company in your area contact the Maytag dealer from whom ),our appliance was purchased; or c_dl Maytag Customer Service. Should you not receive satistCaetory warranty service, call or write:...
  • Page 14 Common Baking Problems and Causes If you have carefully followed the basic instructions and still experienee poor results, these suggestions may be helpful. Cause Problem Cause Slow baking Baking or roasting time too Too little leavening. or roasting, short. Overmixing. Temperature too low.
  • Page 15 Roasting Place the meat fat-side-up on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Placing the meat on a rack holds it Boasting is the method for cooking large, tender out of the drippings, thus allowing better heat cuts of meat uncovered, without adding circulation for even cooking.
  • Page 16 Broiling The distance from the heat source depends on the thickness of the meat. Thin cuts (3/4 to 1 Broiling is a method of cooking used for tender inch) should be placed 2-3 inches from the heat; steaks, chops, hamburgers, chicken, fish, and some fruits and vegetables.
  • Page 17 Clean the surface burners as necessary with You may clean the porcelain enamel oven warm soapy water. Remove any stubborn soil by interior of your Maytag range using a soaking the burner, then scouring it with a commercial oven cleaner. Be sure to follow all powdered cleanser or a soap-filled scouring pad.
  • Page 18 RANGE CLEANING CHART Cleaning Agents* Many different cleaning agents are recommended for the various parts of the ranges. The following brand names may help you to make an appropriate selection: 1. Mild abrasive cleaners such as Bon Ami, Soft Scrub, Bar Keepers Friend, Cameo. 2.
  • Page 19 Range Cleaning Chart (continued) Part Cleaning Agents Tips and Precautions Oven Interior Manual Clean Soap and water Do not use metallic scouring pads because they will Mild abrasive cleaners and scratch the surface. plastic pads When using commercial oven cleaners follow the Commercial oven cleaner manufacturer's...
  • Page 20 MAINTENANCE Electrical Connection WARNING: To reduce the_skofaeeidental Appliances which require electrical power are equipped with a three-prong grounding plug which must be plugged directly into a properly grounded three-hole 120 volt electrical outlet, bracket slot. If an ungrounded, two-hole or other type electrical outlet is encountered, it is the personal...
  • Page 21: Removing Range For Cleaning And Servicing

    Removing Range for Cleaning To Remove Lift-Off Door and Servicing Open the door to the first stop position (opened about 4-6 inches) and grasp the door with both hands at each side. Do not use the door handle When necessary, follow these procedures to to lift the door.
  • Page 22: Before You Call For Service

    CONSUMER PUBLICATIONS For more information, order the following booklets from Maytag at the prices indicated. Send your name, address, booklet title, form number and payment to: Consumer Education Dept., Maytag Company, One Dependability Square, Newton, IA 509.08. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • Page 23: Warranty

    Call or write the MAYTAG dealer from whom your appliance was purchased or the authorized service firm designated by the dealer. If you have moved from the selling dealer's service area call or write any authorized MAYTAG dealer or authorized service firm at your new location. Cheek the telephone directory yellow pages to identi_ the dealer or service firm in your area.
  • Page 24: Table Of Contents

    RackPositions ..............Pan Positions ............... Common Baking Problems and Causes........8-9 Roas'_ing ................... 10-_1 Roasting T_ps..............Roasting Chart ..............Convection Bakingand Roasting..........12 General Convection "_ps ..........13 Broiling ..................14-15 Broiling "_ps..............14-15 Other Publicetions Available From Maytag ......15...
  • Page 25: Propercookware

    Surface Cooking ProperCookware times, Regardless of the Proper pans will reduce cooking use less en- cooking surface used- " ergy and cook food more evenly. Optimum cook- coil elements, ceramic ing performance can be achieved when heavy gauge, flat, smooth bottom, metal pans with straight glass, standard gas sides and tight fitting lids are used.
  • Page 26 PanMaterial The pan material determines how evenly and quickly heat is transferred from the heat source to the pan bottom. Some widely used pan materials are:...
  • Page 27: Heat Settings

    Pan Size On electric cooktops, match the size of When canning, use the High setting the pan to the coil element or indicated just until the water comes to a boil or cooking area. ldeally, the pan should not pressure is reached in the pressure extend more than 1/2-1"...
  • Page 28: Using Your Oven

    UsingYour Oven Delicious baking and As ranges and wall ovens get older, it is not uncom- roasting results mon for the oven temperature to shift. It is normal depend on the recipe, to notice some cooking time differences between a type of pan used and new oven and an old one.
  • Page 29: Bakingpans

    Most recipes provide minimum Frozen pies in foil pans should be maximum baking times such as "bake placed on pans with dark or dull fin- 35-45 minutes." Check the baking ishes for baking. The shiny foil pan progress at the minimum time.
  • Page 32: Roasting T_Ps

    Roasting is the Preheating is not necessary, method for cooking Place the oven rack in either of the two lowest rack large, tender cuts of positions. meat uncovered, without adding Use open pan roasting for tender cuts of meat, weighing three pounds or more. Place meat or poul- moisture, try on the slotted portion of the two-piece broiler pan included with the oven.
  • Page 33: Roasting Chart

    Cutof Meat Beef Rib Roast (cut-side down) Rib Eye Roast Tenderloin Roast Pork, Fresh Shoulder B)ade Roast (boneless) Shoulder Blade Roast Loin Blade or Sirloin Roast Boneless Pork Loin Pork, Smoked Ham Half (fully cooked boneless)*, Ham Half (cook-before-eating) Poultry Turkey, unstuffed...
  • Page 34: Convection Bakingand Roasting

    Convection Baking and Roasting ._ich Method Works Best for ..Baking In a convection oven, a fan circulates hot • Convection baking is good for Jarge quantities of air evenly over, under baked foods such as cookies, biscuits, muffins, and around the food. brownies, cupcakes, sweet rolls and bread.
  • Page 35: General Convection "_Ps

    Baking: Reduce the oven temperature by 25 ° for convection baking. Times will be similar to or a few minutes lees than recipe recommendations. For multi-rack baking, it may be nec- essary to remove the pan on the bot- tom rack and/or top rack 1-2 minutes before the set time to prevent...
  • Page 36: Broiling

    Broiling Broiling is used for When broiling in an electric oven, preheat 3-4 min- tender cuts of meat or utes for optimal browning. marinated meats, fish and some fruits and For best results, steaks and chops should be at least 3/4"...
  • Page 37: Other Publicetions Available From Maytag

    Generally for a brown exterior and rare interior, the meat should be close to the element or flame. If you want the meat well done, place the broiler pan farther from the element or flame. Increasing the distance between the meat and the heat source will de- crease spattering and smoking.

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