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Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra Owner's Manual Page 35

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Helium-related risks
syngo MR D13
Safety information for the system owner
Refilling helium
The magnet is filled with liquid helium as a coolant. Following
installation, it is adjusted to the desired operating field strength.
During normal operation, the magnet does not lose helium.
Under special conditions - power failure, malfunctions of the
cold head and maintenance activities - liquid helium must be
refilled by Siemens Service.
When filling the magnet with helium, perform the necessary
tasks carefully and accurately, observing all regulations. Wear
protective clothing to prevent frostbite.
Liquid helium presents the following properties that, among
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other things, may result in hazardous conditions when not han-
dled professionally:
Extremely cold: causes frostbites when it comes in touch
with skin
Oxygen in ambient air is displaced during boil-off: risk of
If the helium fill level is too low, the alarm box or the syngo
Acquisition Workplace will signal this accordingly.
In case of alarm, notify Siemens Service and/or ensure refill-
ing only through trained and experienced personnel.
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