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Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra Owner's Manual Page 66

Mr system.
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In principle MR systems may be used only together with compatible equipment.
The following definitions apply:
The MR system or equipment should not be used adjacent to other equipment, if adja-
cent or beside use is necessary, the equipment or system should be observed to verify
normal operation in the configuration in which it will be used.
Siemens AG Healthcare Sector
The device or implant is completely non-magnetic, non-electri-
cally conductive, non-RF reactive and indicates no known haz-
ards in all MRI environments.
The device or implant may contain magnetic, electrically con-
ductive or RF-reactive components. These devices are safe while
being used in proximity to the MRI, provided the conditions for
safe operation are defined and observed. Similarly, MR-condi-
tional devices (for example, RF communications equipment)
may present hazards as well. Please observe the manufacturer's
operator manual to avoid potential hazards and injuries.
An item that is known to pose hazards in all MR environments.
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration EMC


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