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Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra Owner's Manual Page 43

Mr system.
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Spatial distributions
This section includes the following spatial distributions diagrams:
Static magnetic field B
Spatial gradient of B
Product of the static magnetic field B
Static magnetic field B
The figures show lines of the same magnetic flux density in milliTesla.
The following graphics show the calculated magnetic field in air. Magnetic materials in the
vincinity of the magnet (i.e. iron beams or room shielding) may influence the form of the
stray field.
The plots represent three orthogonal planes through the isocenter to illustrate maximum
spatial extent of iso-magnetic contours.
Each plot contains the iso-magnetic contours with values of 0.5 mT, 1 mT, 3 mT, 5 mT,
10 mT, 20 mT, 40 mT, and 200 mT as well as a distance scale and a superimposed outline
of the MR system.
The 0.5 mT line marks the exclusion zone of the static magnetic field (pace maker limit).
Note: The magnetic field is rotationally symmetric about the z-axis and mirror symmetric
about the horizontal axis.
The multiple plots are shown to provide information about the accessible space in different
This note also applies to the other magnetic field related plots.
Siemens AG Healthcare Sector
and the spatial gradient of B
MR compatibility data sheet


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