Check-List - Error Codes Related To Overheating - Electrolux T4650 Service Manual

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Check list - error codes related to overheating
General note regarding error codes related to overheating:
Before troubleshooting the electronic systems of the machine, examine the dryer to
determine if the airflow is normal.
Insufficient airflow due to over-filling the machine, lint-obstructed screens, air passages
and ducts, or improper exhaust venting are all possible causes of various errors.
Items concerning the necessary air flow
1. Check that the fresh-air intake to the room and the exhaust ducts/pipes
from the room are not clogged by lint/dust or blocked in any other way.
2. Check that the dryer receives the necessary quantity of fresh air.
(See installation manual).
3. Check that the fresh-air intake preasure drop does not exceed 10 Pa
(applies only to air-intake duct kit, if installed - See installation manual).
4. Check that the pressure drop in the air outlet ducts does not exceed the value printed on
the data sheet in the Service Manual for the specific dryer. (Measurement is done with
cold air (20°C/ 68°F).
5. Check that the air inlet screen on the rear of the dryer is not clogged by lint or dust
(See Section 11).
6. Check that the lint screen is clean and in good condition
(See Section 11).
7. Check the door gasket and internal sealing against the drum are defective/ missing/ dirty.
8. Check that the blower compartment and fan wheel have not become blocked with lint or
other debris (See Section 11).
9. Check that the fan wheel is in good condition, and that it is tightly secured to the motor
10. Check for severely overloaded dryer. Remove some items as appropriate.
Items concerning gas connection
1. Check that the gas type corresponds with the dryer's data plate.
2. Check gas inlet and nozzle pressures.
12. Error codes
487 05 40 31

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents