Electrolux T4130 Installation Manual

Electrolux T4130 Installation Manual

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Installation manual
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  • Page 1 Installation manual T4130 Compass Control 487 05 41 61.00...
  • Page 3 Safety instructions Safety instructions This machine is only intended for drying water-washed garments. Clothes that have been cleaned with chemicals/inflammable liquids, must NOT be dried in the machine. Remove clothes from the tumble dryer as soon as they are dry. This prevents them from becoming creased, and reduces the risk of spontaneous ignition.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Technical data ..........6 Dimension sketch .
  • Page 6: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data - T4130/4130C Standard dryer Condensate dryer Drum volume 130 liter 130 liter Weight: Netto 54 kg 57 kg Drum: Diameter 575 mm 575 mm Depth 500 mm 500 mm Revolutions 53 rpm 53 rpm G-factor Capacity:...
  • Page 7: Dimension Sketch

    Dimension sketch Dimension sketch Ø 100 Connecting branch - condensate dryers only fl 14 Exhaust duct - standard dryers only...
  • Page 8: Unpacking

    Unpacking Unpacking Unpack the dryer from the packaging. There are no transportation fittings. Release the dryer from the pallet by cutting the plastic ribbon. Positioning Fig Place the dryer in such a way that work can be done as easily as possible by the user as well as the service technician.
  • Page 9: Door Reversal

    Door reversal Door reversal 1. Disconnect the power supply to the dryer. 2. Loosen the hinge mounting and push it down to allow the door to be lifted off. Unscrew the hinge mounting. NB! Hold the door securely while loosening the screws.
  • Page 10: Installation On Board A Ship

    Installation on board a ship Installation on board a ship Fig If the dryer is intended for installation on board a ship, fittings are mounted from factory (instead of feet) on the dryer for attachment to 12,5 12,5 the ship floor by means of 4 M8 bolts. Front Drilling plan, see fig.
  • Page 11: Washing Column

    Washing column The dryer can be installed on top of a 55-litre washing machine WE455H or on a 130-litre dryer T4130(C). The washer at the bottom must be levelled and rest on all four feet. Fig • Place the frame on the top plate of the lower machine, ensuring that the holes for the fastening bracket A are at the rear.
  • Page 12: Condensate Dryer

    Condensate dryer Condensate dryer The condensate dryer does not have ventilation (evacuation) into the open. The air is circulated in a closed system between the dryer and condensing unit. The water in the garments condenses in the condensing unit. All the energy (3,4/2,4 kW) used for drying the garments ends up in the room in the form of heat.
  • Page 13: Changing Over Condensate Dryers

    Condensate dryers Changing over condensate dryers To be carried out by qualified personnel 3 x 200/230/240V 3,4kW 3 x 400/415V + N 3,4kW 1 x 230/240V 3,4kW Applies to all dryer types...
  • Page 14: Evacuation System

    Evacuation system Evacuation system (does not apply to condensate dryers) Air principle The ventilator creates low pressure in the dryer, drawing air into the drum via the heating unit. The heated air passes through the garments and the holes of the coarse filter. Then the air flows through a lint screen positioned in the door.
  • Page 15: Exhaust Duct

    Evacuation system Exhaust duct • The exhaust duct must be smooth on the inside (low air resistance). • The exhaust duct must lead to the outdoors. • The exhaust duct must lead clear of the building as condensation may cause frost damage to the building.
  • Page 16 Evacuation system Exhaust duct Gentle bends Several dryers share an exhaust duct...
  • Page 17: Electric Installation

    Electric installation Electric installation To be carried out by qualified personnel The dryer must be given a fuse group of its own and switch in accordance with IEC 60947. For each dryer, a multi-pole permanent switch is to be placed in the permanent installation. It must be easily accessible, but there must be no mistaking it for the operating switch for the dryer.
  • Page 18: Function Check

    Function check Function check To be carried out by qualified personnel Check whether the drum is empty and the door has been closed. Start the dryer Check whether the door lock is working: The drum must stop if the loading door is opened.
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