E 14 Gas Error - Electrolux T4650 Service Manual

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E 14 - Gas error
Error description
When the ignition control fails to detect a flame, a signal is sent to the PCB, and error
code E14 is displayed.
The metal probe of the flame sensor generates an electrical current when exposed to the
burner's flame.
This signal is detected by the ignition control module which, in turn, cuts off the gas valve
immediately if the sensor does not indicate flame within 5 sec.
The integrity of the sensor's electrical connection is, therfore, critical to proper operation
of this system.
Displaying error code E14
USA and Japan: The error code is not displayed until the rd unsuccessful ignition
Europe: The error code is displayed at the 1st unsuccessful ignition attempt.
Error analysis
See next page.
Resetting is done by pushing the gas reset button on the circuit board.
Japan only: By opening and closing the door (coin operated dryers only).
487 05 40 31
12. Error codes

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents