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Cisco TelePresence MX700 and MX800

SystemUnit settings

SystemUnit Name
Enter a System Name to define a name of the system unit. If the H.323 Alias ID is configured
on the system then this ID will be used instead of the system name. The system name will be
1) When the codec is acting as an SNMP Agent.
2) Towards a DHCP server.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <S: 0, 50>
Format: String with a maximum of 50 characters.
SystemUnit Name: "Meeting Room"
SystemUnit MenuLanguage
This has been replaced with the UserInterface Language setting.
SystemUnit CallLogging Mode
Set the call logging mode for calls that are received or placed by the system. The call logs may
then be viewed via the web interface or using the xCommand CallHistory Get command.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <Off/On>
Off: Disable logging.
On: Enable logging.
SystemUnit CallLogging Mode: On
D15119.02 MX700 and MX800 Administrator Guide TC7.2, AUGUST 2014.
Web interface
System settings
System settings
SystemUnit ContactInfo Type
Choose which type of contact information to show in the status field in the upper left corner
of the main display and Touch controller. The information can also be read with the command
xStatus SystemUnit ContactInfo.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <Auto/None/IPv4/IPv6/H323Id/E164Alias/H320Number/SipUri/SystemName/
Auto: Show the address which another system can dial to reach this system. The address
depends on the default call protocol and system registration.
None: Do not show any contact information in the status field.
IPv4: Show the IPv4 address as contact information.
IPv6: Show the IPv6 address as contact information.
H323Id: Show the H.323 ID as contact information (see the H323 Profile [1..1] H323Alias ID
E164Alias: Show the H.323 E164 Alias as contact information (see the H323 Profile [1..1]
H323Alias E164 setting).
H320Number: Show the H.320 number as contact information (only applicable if connected
to a Cisco TelePresence ISDN Link gateway).
SipUri: Show the SIP URI as contact information (see the SIP Profile [1..1] URI setting).
SystemName: Show the system name as contact information (see the SystemUnit Name
DisplayName: Show the display name as contact information (see the SIP Profile [1..1]
DisplayName setting).
SystemUnit ContactInfo Type: Auto
SystemUnit IrSensor
An IR sensor is not supported, hence the value is fixed to Off.
Value space: <Off> — Copyright © 2014 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Administrator Guide
Setting passwords


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