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Cisco TelePresence MX700 and MX800
H323 Profile [1..1] Authentication Password
The system sends the Authentication Login Name and the Authentication Password to a H.323
Gatekeeper for authentication. The authentication is a one way authentication from the codec
to the H.323 Gatekeeper, i.e. the system is authenticated to the gatekeeper. If the H.323
Gatekeeper indicates that no authentication is required, the system will still try to register.
Requires the H.323 Gatekeeper Authentication Mode to be enabled.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <S: 0, 50>
Format: String with a maximum of 50 characters.
H323 Profile 1 Authentication Password: ""
H323 Profile [1..1] CallSetup Mode
The H.323 Call Setup Mode defines whether to use a Gatekeeper or Direct calling when
establishing H323 calls.
NOTE: Direct H.323 calls can be made even though the H.323 Call Setup Mode is set to
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <Direct/Gatekeeper>
Direct: An IP address must be used when dialing in order to make the H323 call.
Gatekeeper: The system will use a Gatekeeper to make a H.323 call. When selecting this
option the H323 Profile Gatekeeper Address and H323 Profile Gatekeeper Discovery
settings must also be configured.
H323 Profile 1 CallSetup Mode: Gatekeeper
H323 Profile [1..1] Encryption MinKeySize
Define the minimum key size for the Diffie-Hellman key exchange method, which is used when
establishing the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption key.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <1024bit/2048bit>
1024bit: The minimum size is 1024 bit.
2048bit: The minimum size is 2048 bit.
H323 Profile 1 Encryption MinKeySize: 1024bit
D15119.02 MX700 and MX800 Administrator Guide TC7.2, AUGUST 2014.
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System settings
System settings
H323 Profile [1..1] Gatekeeper Discovery
Determine how the system shall register to a H.323 Gatekeeper.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <Manual/Auto>
Manual: The system will use a specific Gatekeeper identified by the Gatekeeper's IP address.
Auto: The system will automatically try to register to any available Gatekeeper. If a
Gatekeeper responds to the request sent from the codec within 30 seconds this specific
Gatekeeper will be used. This requires that the Gatekeeper is in auto discovery mode as
well. If no Gatekeeper responds, the system will not use a Gatekeeper for making H.323
calls and hence an IP address must be specified manually.
H323 Profile 1 Gatekeeper Discovery: Manual
H323 Profile [1..1] Gatekeeper Address
Enter the IP address of the Gatekeeper. Requires the H.323 Call Setup Mode to be set to
Gatekeeper and the Gatekeeper Discovery to be set to Manual.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <S: 0, 255>
Format: A valid IPv4 address, IPv6 address or DNS name.
H323 Profile 1 Gatekeeper Address: ""
H323 Profile [1..1] H323Alias E164
The H.323 Alias E.164 defines the address of the system, according to the numbering plan
implemented in the H.323 Gatekeeper. The E.164 alias is equivalent to a telephone number,
sometimes combined with access codes.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <S: 0, 30>
Format: Compact string with a maximum of 30 characters. Valid characters are 0-9, * and #.
H323 Profile 1 H323Alias E164: "90550092"
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