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Save These Instructions - Bosch AHS48-20 LI Operation Manual

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Table of Contents
 The operator or user is responsible for accidents or haz-
ards occurring to other people or their property.
 Do not operate the hedgecutter when barefoot or wearing
open sandals, always wear substantial footwear and long
trousers. The use of sturdy gloves, non-skid footwear and
safety glasses is recommended. Do not wear loose cloth-
ing or jewellery which can be caught in moving parts.
 Thoroughly inspect the area where the hedge trimmer is to
be used and remove all wires and other foreign objects.
 Prior to operation, check cutter blades, blade bolts and
cutter assembly for wear or damage. Do not operate with a
damaged or excessively worn cutting device.
 Know how to stop the hedge trimmer quickly in an emer-
 Cut a hedge only in daylight or in good artificial light.
 Never operate the hedgecutter with defective guards or
without the guard in place.
 Always ensure all handles and guards supplied are fitted
when using the hedgecutter. Never attempt to use an in-
complete hedgecutter or one with an unauthorised modifi-
 Never hold the hedgecutter by the guard.
 While operating the hedgecutter always be sure of a safe
and secure operating position at all times, especially when
using steps or a ladder.
 Always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert for
possible hazards that you may not hear whilst operating
the hedgecutter.
 Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to ensure that the
hedgecutter is always in a safe working condition.
 The hedgecutter should be stored in a dry, high or locked
up place out of the reach of children.
 Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
 Do not attempt to repair the machine unless you are quali-
fied to do so.
 Ensure replacement parts fitted are Bosch approved.
Recommendations for Optimal Handling of the
 Ensure the switch is in the off position before inserting
battery pack. Inserting the battery pack into machines
that have the switch on can cause accidents.
 Use only Bosch battery packs intended specifically for
the machine. Use of any other battery packs may create a
risk of injury and fire.
 Do not open the battery. Danger of short-circuiting.
Protect the battery against heat, e. g., against
continuous intense sunlight, fire, water, and
moisture. Danger of explosion.
 In case of damage and improper use of the battery,
vapours may be emitted. Ventilate the area and seek
medical help in case of complaints. The vapours can
irritate the respiratory system.
Bosch Power Tools
 Use the battery only in conjunction with your Bosch
product. This measure alone protects the battery against
dangerous overload.
 The battery can be damaged by pointed objects such as
nails or screwdrivers or by force applied externally. An
internal short circuit can occur and the battery can burn,
smoke, explode or overheat.
 Do not short-circuit the battery. There is danger of explo-
 Protect the battery against moisture and water.
 Store the battery only within a temperature range between
–20 °C and 50 °C. As an example, do not leave the battery
in the car in summer.
 Occasionally clean the venting slots of the battery using a
soft, clean and dry brush.
Safety Warnings for Battery
Read all safety warnings
and all instructions. Failure
to follow the warnings and in-
structions may result in elec-
tric shock, fire and/or serious injury.

Save these instructions.

Use the battery charger only when you
fully understand and can perform all
functions without limitation, or have re-
ceived appropriate instructions.
This charger is not intended for use
by children and persons with phy-
sical, sensory or mental limitations
or a lack of experience or know-
ledge. This charger can be used by
children aged 8 and above and by
persons who have physical, senso-
ry or mental limitations or a lack of
experience or knowledge if a per-
son responsible for their safety su-
pervises them or has instructed
them in the safe operation of the
charger and they understand the
associated dangers. Otherwise,
there is a danger of operating errors
and injuries.
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F 016 L81 238 | (7.10.15)

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Table of Contents

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