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Safety Points - Black & Decker VP321 Manual

Versapak dustbusters


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Electrical connection (UK user)
Before using your appliance, ensure the voltage on the charger
corresponds with your mains supply. Never use a light socket!
Do not replace the charger with a 13 amp plug or any other
type of charger. If in doubt, seek advice from your nearest
electricity board or Black & Decker service centre.

Safety points

VersaPak sticks are for indoor use only.
Keep motor draught away from eyes and face during use.
Keep children and pets at a safe distance away when in use.
Never use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids.
VersaPak stick
The VersaPak rechargeable stick is completely safe when
handled in the correct manner and has been rigorously
tested to the highest standards.
Care must be taken when handling the stick; it is not a toy
and adult supervision is necessary when children are
handling the product.
Do not insert into the mouth.
Do not immerse the VersaPak stick into water.
Do not drop the VersaPak stick in areas where other metal
parts will contact it (e.g. screws, nails, etc).
Important: Care must be taken not to short circuit the
VersaPak stick by metallic objects entering the VersaPak stick
terminals. During short circuit the temperature of the VersaPak
stick will rise dramatically and may cause serious burns and
even fire.
Product features (Fig. A)
1. On/off slide switch
2. Release button
3. Dust bowl
4. Long wall mountable charging base (VP331)
4a. Short wall mountable charging base (VP321)
5. VersaPak release button
6. VersaPak battery stick(s)
7. Charger


Table of Contents

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