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Black & Decker VP321 Manual page 5

Versapak dustbusters
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Cleaning the product (Fig. F - J)
Warning! Never use the product without its filter
Note: The filter bag is re-usable; do not confuse it with
a disposable dust bag and do not throw it away when
the product is emptied. When the filter becomes worn
or damaged, you can obtain a replacement from your
local Black & Decker service centre.
Maximum dust collection will only be obtained with a
clean filter bag and an empty dust bowl. If dust begins to
fall back out of the product after it is switched off, this
indicates that the bowl is full and requires emptying.
Never immerse the product in water. It is only safe to
immerse the detached dust bowl section in water.
A damp cloth and soapy water should be used to clean
the exterior of the motor section. Always ensure the
product is completely dry before re-use or storing.
Economic usage
Your product is very economical to charge. Whilst it is
charging it uses less than half the amount of electricity used
by a light bulb.
When fully charged, the average effective usage times are
10 minutes for the ON position and 8 minutes in the 'boost
of power' position. The average effective usage time for the
VP321 is 7 minutes.
It may take several chargings before these times can
be achieved.
If a second VersaPak stick has been purchased and is fitted
to the second port, the average effective usage time is
increased to 14 minutes (VP321 only).
Unit does not work?
If the product does not work, check the following:
The charger was correctly plugged in for recharge.
The lead is not damaged and is correctly attached to
the base.
The VersaPak stick(s) is(are) firmly seated into the unit.
The mains power is working.
If all are satisfactory and the product still does not work, refer to
the guarantee or service and repair section of this leaflet.
To clean the filter bag, first remove the dust bowl by
pressing the release button and then take out the
filter bag using the plastic grip. Shake or brush any
loose dust off the filter bag. Wash it regularly using
warm, soapy water and ensure it is completely dry
before replacement. The cleaner the filter bag, the
better the product will perform. It is very important
that the filter bag is correctly in position before use.
To clean the dust bowl, remove the filter bag, empty
the bowl and wash if necessary.



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