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Black & Decker VP321 Manual page 4

Versapak dustbusters
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Installation instructions (Fig. B & C)
Fix the charging base vertically to the wall using the
screws and plugs supplied, as illustrated,and within
reach of a power socket. Plug in and place the product
into position. The charging base can also be fixed, or
simply placed, in a convenient horizontal position.
Note: Avoid damaging the cable while fixing the base
to the wall by pushing the wire into the wire trap.
From new, the rechargeable cells of the product need a
minimum charge time of 16 hours to ensure full power. We
suggest you fully discharge the product when it is used for the
first time as this will help the cells recharge faster. The switch
must be in the off position; the product will not charge if it
is in any other position. Whilst charging, the charger will get
warm; this is perfectly normal and safe, and your product can
remain on charge indefinitely without damage or danger. It is
not possible to "overcharge" the battery cells with the
charger provided.
Whilst recharging and discharging the VersaPak stick(s) will
become warm, this is perfectly normal and does not effect the
unit in any way.
A VersaPak stick will charge in either the left or right hand ports
(or both together if a second stick has been purchased). The
charging time is not affected and would still be 16 hours.
VersaPak sticks will only recharge when both are fitted into the
unit. If only one stick is inserted it will not charge.
How to use (Figs. D & E)
To start, slide the on/off switch forward (i.e. 0 = off, I =
on). To stop, slide the switch back.
Burst of power
Where applicable, your product has two power
settings; 'I' for normal power and 'MAX' for a burst of
additional power to do tougher jobs, activated by
sliding the switch forward as far as it will go.
Always return the product to its charging base
immediately after use so that it will be ready and fully
charged for the next job. The switch must be in the off
position; the product will not charge if it is in any other
position. Ensure that the product is fully engaged on the
charging base.



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