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Precautions; Before Installation - Samsung SPC-7000 User Manual

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Before you install the product, read through and comply with the following instructions.
• The product is designed for indoor use only.
• Keep it away from water or moisture.
• Do not put excessive force on it.
• Do not pull out the power cable forcibly.
• Do not dismantle it at your own.
• Use only the rated I/O range.
• Use only the provided power cable.
• Use the power plug containing the earth wire if available.
• Install the system controller on a flat table.
• The layout of the main unit and the wiring system are critical for a proper system operation.
• If the devices are too close with each other or in a poor-ventilating environment, the system may
not work properly.
Inaccessibility to the system makes the repair difficult or even impossible.
• To prevent a system failure or to reduce the system shutdown, make enough room for ventilation
and close the cover firmly.
• Do not dismantle the system controller at will as a high voltage runs inside the system controller.
- Operation Temperature : 0°C ~ 40°C
- Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C
- Operation Humidity : 20%~85% RH
- Power Consumption : DC 12V, Max 6.4W (
Use the dedicated power adapter provided with the product.

Before inStaLLation

• You must turn off the product before installing it.
• A severe impact or vibration may cause a system failure.
• Keep it away from a strong magnetic field or electric interference, or wireless devices such as radio
or TV set.
• Keep the installation site clean and dust-free all the time while or after you have installed the
• Place it on an unsealed, flat surface at an optimal temperature.
Install it at least 15cm away from the wall.
• Do not close the ventilation hole or put a conductive object in it.
• Do not expose it to the direct sunlight. Keep the accessories or tools out of people's reach in an
attempt to prevent a risk of physical damage.
• Leaving an abnormal smoke or smell as it is may lead to a fire or electric shock.
If this is the case, turn off the product immediately and contact us for a technical assistance.
• Take an appropriate action if you find: damp floor, unearthed power extension cord, peeled-off
power cable, or absence of safety grounding.
Use a dry cloth to wipe it out. If badly dirty or stained, use a cloth soaked into neutral detergent to wipe it
Do not use volatile solvents such as alcohol, benzene or thinner that may damage the product surface.
Do not use at a high temperature, as this will shorten the useful life of the LCD monitor.
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