Samsung SPC-2010 User Manual

Samsung SPC-2010 User Manual

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  • Page 1 SYSTEM CONTROLLER User Manual SPC-2010...
  • Page 2: User Manual

    Samsung Techwin. Disclaimer Samsung Techwin makes the best to verify the integrity and correctness of the contents in this document, but no formal guarantee shall be provided. Use of this document and the subsequent results shall be entirely on the user’s own responsibility.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    overview IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings, Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 8.
  • Page 4 overview WARNING TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PROCUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. DO NOT INSERT ANY METALLIC OBJECT THROUGH THE VENTILATION GRILLS OR OTHER OPENNINGS ON THE EQUIPMENT. Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.
  • Page 5 Please read the following recommend safety precautions carefully.  Do not Place this apparatus on an uneven surface.  Do not install on a surface where it is exposed to direct sunlight, near heating equipment or heavy cold area.  Do not place this apparatus near. ...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    overview CONTENTS OVERVIEW Important Safety Instructions Contents Key Features What’s Included System Controller at a Glance INSTALLATION Precautions To Connect a RS-485/422 Device CONNECTING TO AN EXTERNAL DEVICE USING THE MENU Getting Started Controlling the PTZ Camera Controlling DVR 6_ overview...
  • Page 7 PTZ setting MENU SETTING DVR Setting Controller Setting Joystick Calibration Specifications APPENDIX Troubleshooting Product Overview English _7...
  • Page 8: Key Features

    KEY FEATURES SPC-2010 system controller enables you to control external devices such as PTZ camera, DVR using RS-485/422 communications. It provides a user-friendly interface with joystick. • Long-distance remote control • With RS-485/422 communications, the control distance is a maximum of 1km.
  • Page 9: What's Included

    WHAT’S INCLUDED Unpack the product package and place the product on the floor or a flat surface. Check if the following components are all included in the product package. E S C PWR Tx PTZ/DVR MENU PRESET GROUP FUNC SETUP IRIS MODE AUDIO...
  • Page 10: System Controller At A Glance

    overview SYSTEM CONTROLLER AT A GLANCE Front Side E S C PWR Tx PTZ/DVR MENU PRESET GROUP FUNC SETUP IRIS MODE AUDIO FOCUS SEARCH FREEZE ALARM ZOOM Item Description DVR Play Bar Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Fast Backward, Stop, Record ESC / PWR Cancels a command or turns power on/off.
  • Page 11 Item Description IRIS Control Iris (-: CLOSE/+: OPEN) Camera Lens Bar FOCUS Adjust the focus (-: NEAR/+: FAR) ZOOM Zoom In/Out (W: WIDE/T: TELE) MENU Enters PTZ and DVR menu. FUNC Press [FUNC] button and desired function button to run. Others Press a number button and press [SETUP] button to enter the settings SETUP...
  • Page 12 overview Rear Side Tx1 Tx2 Tx3 TRx PROGRAM DC IN 12V Item Description Power DC 12V input port. ( RS-485/422 For RS-485/422 communication, connected to camera, DVR and other control devices.  [PROGRAM] is not for user’s accessing. 12_ overview...
  • Page 13: Precautions

    installation PRECAUTIONS Before you install the system controller, read through and comply with the following instructions. • The product is designed for indoor use only. • Keep it away from water or moisture. • Do not put excessive force on it. •...
  • Page 14: To Connect A Rs-485/422 Device

    SPC-2010 system controller can be used in connection with an external device such as camera or DVR. TO CONNECT A RS-485/422 DEVICE With the system controller, you can control the PTZ camera or DVR that supports RS-485/422 communication protocols.
  • Page 15: Connecting The Ptz Camera

    Connecting the PTZ Camera By connecting RS-485 port on the rear of the PTZ camera with Tx of SPC-2010, you can control the camera.  Depending on the camera, the polarity may differ. For more information, refer to the user manual of the PTZ camera.
  • Page 16 For the full duplex system - Connect Rx (+) of RS-485 port of the PTZ camera with Tx1 (+) of SPC-2010. - Connect Rx (–) of RS-485 port of the PTZ camera with Tx1 (–) of SPC-2010.
  • Page 17 Connect between DVR and SPC-2010 using RS-485 port on the rear of the DVR. For the half duplex system - Connect Tx (+) of RS-485 port of the DVR with TRx (+) of SPC-2010. - Connect Tx (–) of RS-485 port of the DVR with TRx (–) of SPC-2010.
  • Page 18 Connect RS-485 port on the rear of SRD-4XX with SPC-2010. For the half duplex system - Connect Tx (+) of SRD-4XX with TRx (+) of SPC-2010. - Connect Tx (–) of SRD-4XX with TRx (–) of SPC-2010. Tx1 Tx2 Tx3 TRx ...
  • Page 19: Using The Menu

    1. When powered off, press [PWR] to turn on. 2. When powered on, press and hold [PWR] to turn off. Initial Screen • SAMSUNG-T: Shows the current channel’s protocol used for the camera SAMSUNG-T 9.6K or DVR. ID : 001 •...
  • Page 20 using the menu PAN/TILT Control You can use the controller joystick to adjust the pan/tilt angle of the camera. The farther from the center of the joystick is, the faster the moving speed becomes. 20_ using the menu...
  • Page 21 IRIS Press [IRIS – / +] on the controller to adjust the brightness of the camera video. • IRIS – : camera Brighter • IRIS + : camera Darker FOCUS Press [FOCUS – / +] on the controller to fit the camera focus. •...
  • Page 22  In order to use Group modes, you must set up the modes in the camera’s OSD menu prior to actual operation.  Group function is available only for SAMSUNG-T/E protocol. SAMSUNG-E protocol allows SCAN function. 22_ using the menu...
  • Page 23 2. Execute One Shot AF function of the camera.  A/F function is available in SAMSUNG-T/E and Pelco-D/P protocols. Controls the camera’s Aux output operation. • AUX ON : Press the number of desired AUX channel and then briefly press [AUX] button to set Aux output to ON.
  • Page 24: Controlling Dvr

    using the menu CONTROLLING DVR Depending on the model, the DVR may have different features available. For details, refer to the applicable user manual.  An improper setting may cause a problem using the DVR. To enter DVR control mode Press [PTZ/DVR] button to switch to DVR control mode.
  • Page 25: Dvr Login

    To control the DVR menu 1. To control the menus of the selected DVR, press [MENU] in the DVR control bar. 2. Use joystick and [ENT] to traverse DVR menu. To control the PTZ device that is connected to DVR Depending on used DVR model, you may not be able to directly control PTZ camera connected to the DVR.
  • Page 26: Ptz Setting

    Under Controller Serial Setup, Data Bit is fixed to 8 and Stop Bit to 1. Serial values of the controller and camera must match each other. [  P T Z S E T U P 1 ]  6. EXIT Note that the ID 0 allows SAMSUNG-T/E protocol only. 26_ menu setting...
  • Page 27: Dvr Setting

      For the default settings values, please refer to the picture on the right. Protocol : Samsung Techwin SAMSUNG-T [  D V R S E T U P 1 ] BAUDRATE : 9.6K, PARITY : NONE 4. SAVE 5.
  • Page 28: Firmware Version

    menu setting CONTROLLER SETTING 1. Press [3] on the number pad. [ M A I N S E T U P ] 2. Hold down the [SETUP] button to enter the controller’s MAIN SETUP PASSWORD [ **** ] mode. 3. Enter the 4-digit password. ...
  • Page 29 LCD Backlight You can set the controller’s LCD backlight setting to OFF, ON or AUTO. • AUTO : Turns the backlight off automatically if no command has been [  M A I N S E T U P  ] entered in the last 30 seconds.
  • Page 30 menu setting Joystick’s Serial Command Transfer Cycle Select a PTZ serial command transfer cycle for using the joystick. [  M A I N S E T U P N ]  Shortening the transfer cycle increases the response speed of the camera. 7.
  • Page 31: Joystick Calibration

    JOYSTICK CALIBRATION 1. Press [4] on the number pad. 2. Hold down the [SETUP] button to enter the Joystick Calibration mode. 3. At each option, move the joystick as far as you can, and then press the [ENT] button to calibrate. [ J O Y S T I C K C A L I .
  • Page 32: Specifications

    Description Communication Communication System RS-485 / 422 Baud Rate 2,400 ~ 57,600 bps Compatibility PTZ / DVR / RECEIVER SAMSUNG-T/E, PELCO-D/P, Panasonic, Vicon, AD, Honeywell, BOSCH, ELMO, GE Zoom Protocol SRD (Not supported by SRD-480D.) Receiver Samsung-T Operational LCD Display...
  • Page 33 Environmental Operation Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C Operation Humidity 20%~85% RH Electrical Input Voltage /Current 12 VDC Power consumption 1.1W Mechanical Dimensions (WXHXD) W334.1 X H171.1 X D105.2 mm (13.15 X 6.74 X 4.14 inch) Weight 800g English _33...
  • Page 34: Product Overview

    appendix PRODUCT OVERVIEW unit : mm (inches) 334.1 (13.15") 105.2 (4.14") 28.6 76.6 (3.02") (1.13") 34_ appendix...
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Countermeasures • Check the connection between the main unit and adaptor. If the power is not turned on If the problem persists even if there’s no problem with connection, consult your dealer for servicing. • There may be a problem with the controller board. Please contact your nearest If the joystick does not move, or the controller buttons are not pressed dealer for further assistance.
  • Page 36 Samsung Techwin cares for the environment at all product manufacturing stages, and is taking measures to provide customers with more environmentally friendly products.
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