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Samsung SPC-7000 User Manual page 21

Network contoller
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Play screen control
Outputs the video of the current tile through live/search.
The video will be stopped.
Plays and pauses the video.
Starts/Ends manual recording of the video.
Fast plays in the forward direction when the wheel is turned clockwise, or fast
Shuttle wheel
plays in the reverse direction when the wheel is turned counter-clockwise.
Performs frame search.
Jog wheel
Button to input a number.
0 ~ 9
Initializes the input number.
The reset function is only available in SSM mode.
Gui control mode
1. Press [SHift], [recorDer/SSm].
2. Select <console>, <virtual mode>.
If you select either console or virtual mode,
configurable sub functions will be enabled.
• Device ID : Disabled when controlling the
• Monitor ID : Press a number + [MON.CON.]
• Tile ID : Press a number + [TILE/VM] key.
3. Select either <Screen/ptZ> or <mouse> mode for a device to use.
change Layout
1. Press the <change layout> button.
When controlling the SSM, the screen mode will be
2. Enter the number of the layout to change.
3. Press the <apply> button and the layout will
be changed as configured.
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