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Control - Samsung SPC-7000 User Manual

Network contoller
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modify Device information
You can modify the information of a registered device.
1. Select a device to change the information.
2. In the device information section displayed at
the bottom of the screen, modify the device
3. After you finish changing the device
information, press the <oK> button.
Delete Devices
1. Select a device to delete and press the <Delete> button.
2. The selected device will be deleted.
3. Press the <Delete all> button and all registered devices will be deleted.


You can select a preferred language for the user interface.
1. Press <Language>.
2. From the Language selection screen that
appears, use the direction buttons or joystick
to select a preferred language.
The language will be changed to the selected one
3. To exit the language selection screen, press
user & password
You can change the administrator's password and grant a device ID.
to add a user
1. Select <user & password> from the menu.
2. Click the <add> button.
3. Select a device to assign to the user.
4. Select whether to use a password.
5. To use a password, press <on> and set a
password to use.
6. After setting a password, press the <oK>
If the password does not conform to the password policy, you will need to select a password that meets the
password requirements.
to modify user information
You can change the password on the user information page.
1. Select a user whose information you want to
modify and press the <modify> button.
2. Enter a new password to use.
Only an "admin" can change the password.
to delete a user
You can select and delete a registered user.
1. Select a user and press the <Delete> button.
2. Press the <Delete all> button and all registered users will be deleted.
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