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Precautions; Service Precautions; Product Safety Precautions - Samsung MWR-WG00JN Service Manual

Wired remote controller
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1. Precautions

1-1. Service Precautions

• When replacing electrical parts, be sure to use the rated parts.
- Check the display of the model name, rated voltage, rated current, etc. of the electrical parts.
• When repairing the fault, please repair the connection of HARNESS type firmly.
- If the wiring is not good, abnormal noise or abnormal operation may occur.
• If the product is disassembled and assembled while lying down, work on the operation beam.
- Scratches may occur on the back of the product.
• When repairing a fault, remove dust and foreign matter from the HOUSING, wiring and inspection parts.
- It is possible to prevent fire hazard such as TRACKING, SHORT.
• Check the assembly of the parts after the fault has been repaired.
- It must be in the same state as before repair.

1-2. Product Safety Precautions

• Do not pull on the wire or touch the power plug or the auxiliary power switch with wet hands.
- Risk of electric shock or fire.
• If the power cord or power plug is damaged, be sure to replace it to prevent danger.
• Do not bend the wires excessively or do not break them with heavy objects.
- Risk of electric shock or fire.
• Do not use multi-outlet.
- Risk of electric shock or fire.
• Ground if necessary.
- In particular, be sure to ground if water or humidity indicates that there is a risk of a short circuit.
• When replacing or repairing electrical parts, unplug the power plug or turn off the auxiliary power switch.
- There is a danger of electric shock.

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