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Network; System Environment - Samsung SPC-7000 User Manual

Network contoller
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configure settings
Joystick Button operation
The joystick button is operated only by the
<enter> function.
change module
You can switch the position between jog shuttle and joystick from left to right or vice versa.
1. Select the <change module> menu.
2. You can confirm that the power is turned
off and switch the position of the jog shuttle
using the joystick.
3. Check the current setting, press <cancel>.


Configures the network connection type and environment.
• IP type : Selects the type of network connection.
• IP address : Subnet, Gateway, DNS
If connection is <Static> : You can enter the IP
address, subnet, gateway and DNS directly.
If connection is <DHcp> : IP address, subnet and
gateway are configured automatically.
If you set the DNS mode manually, you can enter
the DNS IP information directly.
14_ configure settings

SyStem environment

You can update the current firmware using the firmware files in the USB memory.
to update the controller firmware
You can download the latest firmware files and update the controller.
1. Connect a USB memory device on which
new firmware is stored to the network
2. From the menu setup screen, press <System>.
3. Press <update firmware>.
4. In the Update window, press the <oK>
5. Wait until the system restarts after the update.
Do not disconnect the USB memory or power cable during the update. Otherwise, it may fail to update the
firmware or cause a system failure.
factory reset
You can return the current settings to the factory default.
1. Press <factory reset>.
2. Press <reset>.
The current settings will return to the factory
3. To exit the menu, press <cancel>.



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