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Configure Settings; Install; Getting Started - Samsung SPC-7000 User Manual

Network contoller
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configure settings


1. With the computer turned on, connect the
SSM terminal of the controller to the USB
port of the computer.
2. A window will open that says A new device
has been detected.
3. Your computer will automatically recognize the device.
Install the device by following the instructions provided in the installation window, if necessary.
4. When the device is recognized, the controllers installed will be displayed on the game
controller list in the Windows control panel.
[Start] > [Devices and printers] > [Game controllers]
to correct the controller
To use a controller properly, the axis needs to be corrected.
1. Move to [Start] > [Devices and printers] >
[Game controllers], right-click on the
controller installed and select [properties].
2. In the settings window, press the [calibrate...]
button to run the 'Device correction
3. Proceed with the axis correction by following
the instructions on the screen.

GettinG StarteD

1. Turn on all system component devices.
2. Connect the power adapter on the back of
the controller and turn it on. A login window
will open.
3. Using the numeric key or the touchscreen
keyboard, enter the password. Click the
<Login> button.
The default password is "4321".
4. When you first log in, a window will open,
prompting you to set a password.
Set your password and press the <oK>
- New Password: Enter a new password,
following the password setting rules.
- Password Confirm: Enter the new
password again.
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