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Control Cameras - Samsung SPC-7000 User Manual

Network contoller
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controL cameraS

You can configure a camera, storage device and settings menu.
If the version of SUNAPI of a network camera registered, a specific function may not work.
enter camera control mode
Select <camera> on the main screen.
Select a camera
Using the direction keys, move to your desired
camera on the list of registered cameras, and
press the [enter] key.
Using the direction keys, move to the <oK>
button and press the [enter] key.
You can activate a camera by clicking a number + [CAM] key.
pan/tiLt control
In PTZ mode, you can control the PAN and TILT motion by moving the joystick of the controller
up, down, left and right.
The farther from the center of the joystick is, the faster the moving speed becomes.
In PTZ mode, you can control the camera's Zoom IN/OUT motion using a controller.
Using a controller, you can control the Focus Near/Far motion.
Using a controller, you can adjust the brightness of a camera video.
Network cameras are not supported.
16_ control
control cameras
Press the [af] key on the controller and the camera autofocus will be activated.
For more information about the camera control, refer to the "Part Names And Functions" section.
(page 7~8)
You can set a single designated point and move
the camera to the designated position.
You can designate up to 255 presets.
You can also activate a preset by clicking a [Preset] +
number + [Preset] button.
to set a preset
1. Select a camera that you want to set a preset
2. Use the joystick to move the camera to a
desired point.
3. Set the preset name.
4. Press the <oK> button to save.
to execute the preset
1. Select a camera.
2. Press the [preSet] button.
3. With the numeric keys, press a number to
execute and press the [preSet] button.
4. The preset will be executed.



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