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Safety Precautions - Samsung MCM-A202DN Installation Manual

Onoff controller for air conditioner
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Safety Precautions

This installation manual indicates you to install the OnOff controller which is connected to
the indoor unit. For installation of other optional accessories, see an appropriate installation
OnOff Controller MCM-A200DN_IM_EN_03721A(1).indd 2
Read carefully this installation manual before installation and check
whether the OnOff controller is installed correctly after installation.
Do not attempt to install or repair this OnOff controller by yourself.
This OnOff controller contains no user-serviceable parts. Always
consult authorized service personnel for repairs.
When moving, consult authorized service personnel for
disconnection and installation of the OnOff controller.
Ensure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the
OnOff controller.
The OnOff controller must be installed according to the national
electrical rules by an installation specialist.
When wiring, connect the supplied wires firmly and fasten them
securely so that external force cannot be applied to the terminal
connection area.
Position all the wires correctly so that the cover of the electric
equipment section doesn't float. Then securely fasten the cover.
Before handling or adjusting the power loading terminal, switch
off the power supply.
When you want to disuse the OnOff controller, consult authorized
installation center.
Do not use inflammable gases near the OnOff controller.
Do not install the OnOff controller in a location where it will come
into contact with the combustible gases, machine oil, sulphide gas,
Avoid a location where acid/alkali solution or special spray is used.
Choose a location that is dry and sunny, but not exposed to direct
sunlight. Available temperature is between 0°C(32°F) and 39°C(102°F).
Do not spill water into the OnOff controller.
Do not give tensile strength to the cable to avoid disconnection.
Do not press buttons with a pointed thing.
Do not connect the power cable to the control terminal.
If the OnOff controller is installed in a hospital or other special
places, it should not affect other electronic devices.
Do not install the product in an area where mineral oil is kept or
arsenic acid of oil and steam frequently exist such as a kitchen.
Do not install the product in an area where corrosive gases such as
ammonia gas or sulfurous acid gas are generated e.g. an exhaust
pipe of a toilet or an outlet of ventilating opening.
Do not install the product in an area where a machine that
generates electromagnetic waves is placed.
Do not install the product in an area where combustible gas
leakage is expected or volatile flammable material such as thinner
and gasoline are handled.
Do not install the product in an area where carbon textile or
flammable dust float in the air.
Do not install the product in an area where corrosion is expected
such as shoreline and hot spring.
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