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Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 User Manual Page 100

For playstation 4.
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Your joystick features a rudder function, which in a plane corresponds to the pedals used by
the pilot to turn the steering, allowing the plane to pivot around its vertical axis (therefore
making the plane turn left or right). This rudder function is accessible on your joystick by
rotating the handle to the left or right.
This rudder function is accessible in two ways:
- on your joystick by rotating the handle (4) to the left or right.
- or via the rocking button (8) on the throttle.
If you are only using the rocking button (or if you are not using the rudder function), you can
disable the handle's rotation thanks to the locking screw (5) located on the base of the
joystick. Use a flat head screwdriver to change the screw's position and thus lock/unlock the
rudder function.
Your joystick features a "Point Of View" hat-switch (11) which, as its name indicates, allows
you (in games which permit) to instantly view everything that's going on around your plane.
To do so, simply go to your game's configuration menu and program the different views (rear
view, left view, right view, and also external views) onto the directions of the "Point Of View"
Of course, you can also use the "Point Of View" hat-switch for other functions instead (firing,


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