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Frequently Asked Questions

If I choose to connect via phone line, why must it be "analog?"
Your DM system contains an internal modem for connecting to the
Pitney Bowes Data Center over standard telephone lines.
Manufacturers of digital phone systems (so called PBX systems) are
not required to adhere to the same restrictions on their inside lines as
the phone companies mandate for standard analog lines. Several PBX
manufacturers have designed phone systems that deliver much more
current to the phone than does the phone company's analog lines.
Your modem was designed to work with a small current, one that may
be substantially less than the power put out by some PBX systems. As
a result, if you connect your modem to a PBX line, thinking that it's an
analog line, you could damage your modem with too much current and
not even know it.
Why must I add postage to my meter?
For your safety, and to prevent any unauthorized use, your meter is
shipped without money in it. The money you paid when you signed up
for your DM system has been deposited into your "Postage-by-Phone"
(PbP) account, and is immediately available to you. You will be required
to transfer an amount from your PbP account into the meter during the
installation process. Please note that this is not an "additional expense,"
just moving money you have already paid when you acquired your
What is PC Meter Connect?
PC Meter Connect is a small Desktop Application you install on your PC
to allow your meter to connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center through
your PC's Internet connection rather than over a standard telephone
line. Postage refills, and system software updates will be completed
efficiently and much quicker via the Internet.


This manual also for:

Dm200l, Dm225, Dm125

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