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DM100i / DM125 / DM200L / DM225
Digital Mailing Systems
Quick Install Guide


   Summary of Contents for Pitney Bowes DM100i

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    DM100i / DM125 / DM200L / DM225 Digital Mailing Systems Quick Install Guide...

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    Contents Mailing System Base Scale Stacker (DM200L and DM225 (optional) only) Moistener PBI Ink Cartridge Tape Sheets Print Head in Package and EZ-Seal (Reorder #793-5) (optional) postage tape sheets Phone Cord Power Cord USB Cable Quick Reference Quick Install Guide (this document)

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    Select “My Account” 1-800-522-0020 You must connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to add postage funds, download software updates, and perform USPS required inspections. If you have Internet access, we recommend you install the PC Meter Connect™ Desktop Application online at This software provides the quickest data transfers.

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    Step 3 Connect Phone Line Select a location for the meter near an analog phone line and connect the phone cord between the back of your meter and an analog phone jack. Phone depending upon your model Phone systems installed in some businesses are not analog and may damage your system.

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    Step 5 Select Language After the system powers up and completes a self-check, select the language you wish to use. Simply press the small round button next to your choice. Step 6 Set Local Time Your meter must be set to the correct local time. If the hour value displayed (HH) is correct, simply select OK and Continue.

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    Step 6 Set Local Time (continued) Again, if the minutes value displayed (MM) is correct, simply select OK and Continue. If the minutes value is wrong, key in the correct value before pressing OK and Continue. ATTENTION: You MUST set the AM/PM correctly. If the local time is off by 12 hours your system may print the wrong date on your mail and it may be returned by the Post Office.

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    Step 7 Install the Print Head The following screen will appear. A. Open the top cover. When you open the cover the screen will prompt..B. Unlatch and flip up the guard. Ink Cartridge Guard C. Remove the print head from its packaging. Tape Strip...

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    Step 7 Install the Print Head (continued) ATTENTION: This step is critical to prevent system damage. Depending on your model Remove the tape strip Remove the plastic cap from the bottom of the from the bottom of the print head. print head.

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    Step 8 Install the Ink Cartridge Drop the cartridge in next to Remove the ink cartridge the print head. The label on from the bag. The silver foil the top of the cartridge should strip on the bottom of the face front.

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    Step 9 Print a Test Pattern When prompted, insert a spare envelope or a tape sheet for a test print. For proper printing, position mail flat against registration wall and gently slide mail to the right on feed deck. The system will detect the envelope and automatically pull it through the printing mechanism.

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    Step 10 Contact Pitney Bowes Data Center Yes/Enter If your phone requires a number to reach an outside line (for example, if you have to dial 9 first), press the Yes/Enter key. If you select Yes, key in your dialing prefix and select Continue.

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    Step 11 Check Your Account Balance For your security, your meter is not shipped with pre-loaded postage. Dialing and Connecting screens will appear. PBP= Postage by Phone It is simply your account balance. When your account is accessed at the Postage-by-Phone Data Center, you will see your current balance (Prepaid) and your current credit line (Other).

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    You will be asked to confirm your choice. Press Yes/Enter for a receipt. Yes/Enter Step 13 Print Your Receipt To print a receipt, follow the screen directions.

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    Step 14 Update Your Software The last step downloads the current USPS rates in addition to any additional features you may have ordered. • Select Get update now. • The updated files will be sent to, and installed on, your system. Follow the screen prompts.

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    If your system came with the optional scale, attach it now. The scale consists of two pieces. Place the platform on top of the base unit, being sure the pegs on the platform are inserted into the corresponding holes in the base unit. DM100i / DM125 DM200L / DM225 platform platform...

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    Position the assembled scale as shown. Now plug the connector on the bottom of the base unit into the matching connector on your system. DM100i / DM125 DM200L / DM225 A scale code is needed to calibrate the scale. If you have just attached your scale, key in the correct scale code for your location.

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    Moistener (continued) Deck Solution Level Fill the moistener reservoir with Pitney Bowes E-Z Seal sealing solution. You may fill it later if you don't plan on moistening and sealing envelopes right now. Stacker The stacker is a tray that catches your processed mail. Position the stacker next to the system as shown.

  • Page 18: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is PC Meter Connect? PC Meter Connect is a small Desktop Application you install on your PC to allow your meter to connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center through your PC’s Internet connection rather than over a standard telephone line.

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    The accuracy of any scale is affected by its geographic location on the earth (how far it is from the Equator) and its altitude above sea level. The scale location code provided by Pitney Bowes helps calibrate the scale to be as accurate as possible for your particular location.

  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Still have questions? For installation support call: 1-877-817-2463. Alternately, your questions may be answered in the Operator Guide or online. The Operator Guide can be found at the following websites. Product Name: DM100i Model: P700 Product Name: DM125 Model: PR00

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    Scale codes for locations in the United States Locations near a boundary may enter either code. State Code State Code Alabama Illinois Birmingham and north North of Springfield South of Birmingham Springfield and south Alaska Indiana (see map on page 16) Arizona North of Indianapolis Phoenix and north...

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    Scale codes for locations in the United States Locations near a boundary may enter either code. State Code State Code Missouri Oregon North of Springfield Salem and north Springfield and south South of Salem Montana Pennsylvania Helena and north Rhode Island South of Helena South Carolina Nebraska...

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    Scale codes for locations in Alaska and California Locations near a boundary may enter either code. Location Code = 27 Location Code = 26 Anchorage Location Code = 23 Location Code = 16 Chico Location Code = 15 San Francisco Modesto Location Code = 14 San Luis Obispo...

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    Contact List If you need assistance For Setup or Getting Started questions, call 1-877-817-2463 Machine Identification Product Name: DM100i Digital Mailing System Model Number: P700 Product Name: DM125 Digital Mailing System Model Number: PR00 Product Name: DM200L Digital Mailing System...

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