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Current Average Value Monitor Signal (pr. 555 To Pr. 557) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-D720-008 Instruction Manual

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Useful functions

4.21.4 Current average value monitor signal (Pr. 555 to Pr. 557)

The average value of the output current during
constant speed operation and the maintenance timer
value are output as a pulse to the current average
value monitor signal (Y93).
The pulse width output to the I/O module of the
programmable controller or the like can be used as a
guideline to know abrasion of machines, elongation of
belt and the maintenance time for aged deterioration
of devices.
The current average value monitor signal (Y93) is
output as pulse for 20s as 1 cycle and repeatedly
output during constant speed operation.
Current average time
Data output mask time
Current average value
monitor signal output
reference current
The above parameters can be set when Pr. 160 Extended function display selection = "0". (Refer to page 160)
The above parameters allow its setting to be changed during operation in any operation mode even if "0" (initial value) is set in Pr. 77 Parameter write selection.
Y93 signal
1) Data output mask time
When the speed has changed to
constant from acceleration/deceleration,
Y93 signal is not output for Pr. 556 time.
2) Start pulse
Output as Hi pulse shape for 1s (fixed)
Output current set in Pr. 555 time is averaged
3) Output current average value pulse
The averaged current value is output for 0.5 to 9s
(10 to 180%) during start bit output.
Signal output time =
The pulse output of the current average value monitor signal (Y93) is shown above.
For the terminal used for the Y93 signal output, assign the function by setting "93" (positive logic) or "193" (negative logic)
to Pr. 190 RUN terminal function selection. The function can not be assigned to Pr. 192 A,B,C terminal function selection.
1) Setting of Pr. 556 Data output mask time
The output current is unstable (transient state) right after the operation is changed from the acceleration/deceleration state
to the constant speed operation. Set the time for not obtaining (mask) transient state data in Pr. 556.
2) Setting of Pr. 555 Current average time
The average output current is calculated during Hi output of start pulse (1s). Set the time taken to average the current
during start bit output in Pr. 555.
Initial Value
From acceleration to constant speed operation
Output current average value (A)
Pr. 557 (A)
Programmable controller
Parts have
reached their life
Setting Range
Time taken to average the current during start pulse
0.1 to 1s
output (1s).
0 to 20s
Time for not obtaining (mask) transient state data.
Reference (100%) for outputting the signal of the
0 to 500A
current average value.
Output frequency
1 cycle (20s)
4) Maintenance timer pulse
The maintenance timer value (Pr. 503) is
output as Hi pulse shape for 2 to 9s
(16000h to 72000h)
Signal output time =
Output unit
Input unit
Next cycle
5) End pulse
Output as low pulse
shape for 1 to 16.5s
Pr. 503 100h


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