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Figure 1.1 M2266S Outer View; Fs810125-01 - Fujitsu M2266S Technical Handbook

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Table of Contents
Technical Handbook
Low Power Consumption
By using highly-integrated LSI components, the power consumption of the
IDD is very low, enabling use of the unit in a wide range of ambient
temperatures between 5°C and 45°C.
Low Noise and Low Vibration
The IDD is quiet, running at approximately 45 dB (A-scale weighting) even
during seek, making it ideal for office use. The IDD has rubber vibration
isolators, which minimize the transfer of vibration.
Hardware Structure
Figure 1.1 shows the outer view of the IDD. The IDD consists of a disk
enclosure (DE), a read/write preamplifier PCA, a controller PCA, and
mounting brackets.
The DE is completely sealed and consists of disks, heads, the spindle motor,
the actuator, the recirculation filter, the breather filter, the cover, and the
Figure 1.1 M2266S Outer View
Fujitsu America, Inc.
FS810125-01 . . . A


Table of Contents

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