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Positioning; Electrical Connection; Power Cable Installation; Water Connection - Electrolux 266200 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Electric convection ovens
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• Unpack the appliance, carefully remove the protective fi lm from
outside panels, making sure no traces of glue remain. If necessary,
remove them using a suitable solvent.
Remove the packing using protective gloves.
Lift the appliance with a lift truck, remove the base, and position
it the place of use.
Remove the protective fi lm and make sure the packing material
is not dispersed in the environment but disposed of according to
the current regulations in the country where the product is used.
4 23 " 120 mm
5 1 " 130 mm
6-10 GN
• For disposal of the packing, see the section "The Environment"
• For the overall space required and connection dimensions,
refer to the installation diagrams given on the fi rst pages of this
instruction handbook.
• The left side of the appliance must remain at least 50 cm from
other surfaces to enable maintenance operations, whereas the
right side and back must remain 10 cm from any surface.
• Position the appliance on a fl at surface and, if necessary, adjust
the height of the worktop by means of the adjustable feet.
• The appliance is not suitable for built-in installation.
Make sure the steam coming from the oven di-
scharge or adjacent appliances does not reach
the aeration vents (for cooling internal compo-
nents), located at the bottom of the appliance.


• Connection to the electrical power supply must be done in
compliance with the current national and local regulations.
• Before connecting, make sure the voltage and frequency match
that given on the dataplate.
• The appliance must be connected to the power supply in a
permanent way. Connection must be made with an H05 RN-F
type cable. The power cable must be installed in a metal or rigid
plastic pipe without any sharp parts.
• An omnipolar switch of suitable capacity with contact opening
distance of at least 3 mm must be installed ahead of the appliance.
This switch must be installed in the building's permanent electrical
system, in the immediate vicinity of the appliance.
• A device (interlocked plug, lockable switch or similar devices)
lockable in the open position during maintenance must be installed
ahead of the appliance.
20 GN
6-10 GN
20 GN
6-10 GN
11 7 " 300 mm
20 GN
• Appliance max. leakage current is 5 mA.
• The appliance must be connected to an effi cient earthing system.
For that purpose, the connection terminal block
has a terminal with the symbol
The appliance must also be included in an equipotential system.
This connection is made with the setscrew marked E , located
externally near the power cable entry.
The equipotential wire must have a section of at least 10 mm


To connect the power cable to the appliance, proceed as follows:
Model 6 - 10 - 20 GN
• Remove the left side panel.
• Connect the cable to the terminal block as shown in the wiring
diagram attached to the appliance, and secure it with the special
cable gland.
The manufacturer declines any liability if the current national
and local regulations and possible safety regulations are
not respected.


(See the installation diagrams at the beginning of this handbook)
When connecting the appliance to the water system with
hoses they must be new and not used.
The oven has two separate water supply inlets ("B" and "N").
C - Water drain manifold
B - Injection water supply connection
N - Condensate and Cleaning water connection
I - Power cable entry
The feed pipes of both inlets must be provided with a mechanical
fi lter and shutoff valve. Before installing the fi lters it is advisable
to allow a certain amount of water to run in order to clear the pipe
of any solid particles.


The appliance must be supplied with drinking water having the
specifi c characteristics given in this section.
To appraise the suitability of the supply water the following
characteristics must be measured:
- Total Hardness
- Conductivity
- Chloride Cl
- pH
for connecting the earth wire.

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Table of Contents

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