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Particular Cleaning - Electrolux 266200 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Electric convection ovens
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Discharge system cleaning and effi ciency check
Periodically clean the drain pipe, checking for any obstructions
involving the draining of water.
Cleaning the door internal glass (Fig. 5)
These operations must be donet with the door glass cold, without
using abrasive detergents or rags.
The interspace surfaces are accessed by opening the internal
glass hinged on the door.
• With the door open, press the two top and bottom retaining clips
F and open the internal glass.
After cleaning, close the internal glass against the rubbers.
Cleaning the CLEANING SYSTEM rotating jet (Fig. 6)
It is advisable to clean the jet in case of:
- long periods of CLEANING SYSTEM disuse
- diffi culty in wash arm rotation (probable nozzle obstruction)
- use of very hard water.
If the nozzles are completely obstructed, use the tip of a knife to
remove any encrustations.
• Extract (without removing) the retaining clip A from the middle
block of the jet. For this operation insert the tip of a screwdriver
in the part indicated by the arrow and turn it from the vertical to
the horizontal position as shown in the fi gure.
• Remove the jet from the rotation pin.
• Place the rotating jet in a bowl containing descaler, leave over
night then rinse with plenty of water.
• Refi t the jet, inserting it on the rotation pin and pressing the
retaining clip into its original position.

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