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Light Bulb Replacement; Drawers - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

Non-dispenser top-mount no-frost
Hide thumbs


Half-width Drawers
with Plastic Cover
To remove the drawers, lift front up
slightly and pull the drawer straight
To remove the cover, support it with
one hand, tilt it and take it out.
If the cover support at front center
(on models so equipped) becomes
separated from the drawer cover,

Light Bulb Replacement

A light bulb and socket are located at the top of the
fresh food compartment opposite the temperature
control panel.
To replace either bulb, unplug refrigerator from its
electrical outlet, unscrew bulb when cool, and replace
with similar size bulb.
reinstall the support before returning
the cover to the cabinet.
To reinstall the cover support,
turn the cover and support upside
down and guide the pins on the
support into the hooks on the cover
as shown. Then push firmly until
the pins lock into place.
The drawer cover
support assembly
consists of a post, a
sleeve and a foot.
The sleeve and post
have adjustment
teeth which, when
engaged, lock them
together; and when
disengaged, allow
the sleeve to move
up and down freely
in the post.
Some models also have
a bulb and socket in the
upper left comer of the
freezer compartment
behind a flexible
. light shield.
The support assembly is adjusted
at the factory. To readjust it, if
1. Make sure the support assembly
is firmly attached to the drawer
cover and the drawer cover is in
place in the cabinet.
2. Make sure the adjustment teeth
are disengaged. (If engaged, turn
the sleeve 1/4 turn counterclockwise
to disengage them.) With the foot of
the support assembly resting on the
cabinet floor and the sides of the
cover resting on the ledges on the
cabinet's side walls, turn the sleeve
1/4 turn clockwise tore-engage the
teeth. Note: If teeth do not mesh,
move the sleeve up slightly as you
turn it. Do not raise the drawer cover.
To reinstall the
foot if it comes
off, guide the pins —
on the foot into the
slots at the bottom
Then turn the
foot clockwise
until the pins
-- snap firmly
into place.



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