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Appliance Registration; Energy Saving Tips; Model And Serial Numbers - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

Non-dispenser top-mount no-frost
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Write down the model and
serial numbers.
You'll see them on a label on the
left side, near the top of the fresh
food compartment.
These numbers are also on the
Consumer Product Ownership
Registration Card that came with
your refrigerator.
Before sending in the registration
card, please write these numbers
Model Number
Serial Number
Use these model and seriaJ numbers
in any correspondence or service
calls concerning your refrigerator.
Location of your refrigerator is
important. Avoid locating it next
to your range, a heating vent or
where the sun will shine directly
on it.
Close the doors as soon as
possible, particularly in hot,
humid weather.
To obtain service, see the
Consumer Services page in the
back of this book,
We're proud of our service and
want you to be pleased. If for some
reason you are not happy with the
service you receive, here are three
steps to follow for further help.
Read this book carefully.
It is intended to help you operate
and maintain your new refrigerator
Keep it handy for answers to your
If you don't understand something
or need more help, write (include
your phone number):
Consumer Affairs
GE Appliances
Appliance Park
Louisville, KY 40225
Keep Power Saver Switch in
the power saver position unless
moisture forms on the outside
of the refrigerator.
Be sure the doors are closed
tightly. Before leaving the house
or retiring for the night, check to
be sure the doors haven't been left
open accidentally.
FIRST, contact the people who
serviced your appliance. Explain
why you are not pleased. In most
cases this will solve the problem.
NEXT, if you are still not pleased,
write all the details—including
your phone number—to:
Manager, Consumer Relations
GE Appliances
Appliance Park
Louisville, KY 40225
If you received a damaged
Immediately contact the dealer
(or builder) that sold you the
Save time and money.
Before you request service...
Check the Problem Solver. It lists
minor operating problems that you
can correct yourself.
Keep foods covered to reduce
moisture buildup inside the
FINALLY, if your problem is still
not resolved, write:
Major Appliance Consumer
Action Panel
20 North Wacker
Chicago, IL 60606



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