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Icemaker; Icemaker Accessory Kit; Water Filter Accessory - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

Non-dispenser top-mount no-frost
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Your icemaker will produce
eight cubes per cycle—
approximately 100 cubes in a 24-
hour period, depending on freezer
compartment temperature, room
temperature, number of door
openings and other use conditions.
If your refrigerator is operated
before water connection is made
to the icemaker, keep the
icemaker feeler arm in the STOP
(up) position as shown below.


Storage Bin ~
When the refrigerator has been
connected to the water supply,
nove the feeler arm to the ON
(down) position

Water Filter Accessory

Your ice cubes can only be as fresh-tasting as the
water that produces them. That's why it's a good
idea to purify your water with a water filter.
Its activated charcoal removes musty, stale odors and
unpleasant medicinal, metallic tastes. A porous fiber
cartridge catches dirt, rust particles, sand and silt
while special crystals reduce deposits of hard scale.
The water filter is an option at extra cost and is
available from your GE dealer. Specify WR97X0214.
Automatic Icemaker
(on some models)
The ice cube mold will
automatically fill with water after
cooling to freezing temperature,
and first cubes will normally
freeze after several hours. When
cubes are solidly frozen, they will
be ejected from the mold into the
ice storage bin by means of a
sweeper arm.
Icemaking will continue until the
feeler arm senses a suftlcient
accumulation of ice cubes in the
storage bin and halts the operation
temporarily. For maximum ice
storage, level the stored cubes with
your hand occasionally. Be sure
nothing interferes with the swing
of the feeler arm.
The icemaker ejects cubes in
groups of eight and it is normal for
several cubes to be joined together.
Once your icemaker is in
operation, throw away the first
few batches of ice cubes. This
will flush away any impurities in
the water line. Do the same thing
after vacations or extended periods
when ice isn't used.
Move the icemaker feeler arm to
the STOP (up) position when:
home water supply is to be off for
several hours.
ice storage bin is to be removed
for a period of time.
going away on vacation.
If ice is not used often, old cubes
will become cloudy and taste stale
and will shrink. Empty the ice
storage bin periodically and
wash it in lukewarm water.
If this is your first icemaker,
you'll hear occasional sounds
that may be unfamiliar. They are
normal icemaking sounds and are
not cause for concern.
Under certain rare
circumstances, ice cubes
may be discolored, usually
appearing with a green-bluish
color. The cause of tbis unusual
discoloration is apparently due
to a combination of factors
such as certain characteristics
of local waters, household
plumbing and the accumulation
of copper salts in an inactive
water supply line which feeds
consumption of such discolored
health. If such discoloration is
observed, discard the ice cubes
and contact your GE Factory
Service Center or an authorized
Customer Care@ servicer.
Water Supply Kit
A kit containing copper tubing, shut-off valve, fittings
and instructions needed to connect the icemaker to
your cold water line is available at extra cost. See
Preparation section.

Icemaker Accessory Kit

If your refrigerator did not come already equipped
with an automatic icemaker, an Icemaker Accessory
Kit is available at extra cost. Contact your local GE
dealer and specify Kit INI-l.



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