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Shelves; Porta-Bins; Take-Out Counter - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

Non-dispenser top-mount no-frost
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The Take-out Counter provides an
extra work surface right at the
Frequently used items stored on the
fresh food door are readily accessible
without having to open the main
refrigerator door.
Although durable, stain- and
scratch-resistant, the work surface
on the Take-out Counter should not
be used as a cutting board. Sharp
utensils can damage it.
The Take-out Counter is also
accessible through a lift-up door on
the inside of the fresh food door.
Adjustable Shelves
(on some models)
Shelves in the fresh food and freezer compartments
are adjustable, enabling you to make efficient shelf
arrangements to fit your family's food storage needs.
Steel shelves in the freezer compartment in some
models are adjustable in the same way.


(on some models)
Take-out Counter
(on some models)
Inner door
This Porta-Bin has a special lip
that overlaps the Take-out Counter.
It is not interchangeable with the
other door bins. To remove it, open
the Take-out Counter door to free
the lip.


To remove
shelves: Tilt the
shelf up at front,
then lift it up and
out of tracks on
the rear wall of
the refrigerator.
Take-out Counter Porta-Bin
Raise the inner door and lift the
bin straight up until the hooks on
the bin come out of the tracks on
the door.
When you replace it, make sure
the Take-out Counter door is open
so the lip is positioned properly.
To replace shelves: Select the desired shelf height.
With shelf front raised slightly, engage top lugs in
tracks at rear of cabinet. Then lower front of shelf
until it locks into position.
Tempered glass shelves (on models so equipped) are
adjustable in the same manner.



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