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Drawers; Shelf Adjustments - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

Non-dispenser top-mount no-frost
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Storage Drawer and Drawer Cover Removal
Drawers at the bottom of the fresh food compartment
will stop before coming all the way out of the
refrigerator, to help prevent contents from spilling
onto the floor. These drawers can be removed easily
by lifting the sides up slightly while pulling the
drawers past the "stop" location.
(on some models)
Full-Width Drawer with Plastic Cover
To remove the drawer, lift the front up slightly and
pull the drawer straight out.
To remove the cover, lift it off its supports, pull it
forward and up, tilt it and take it out.
1. Remove the drawer
farthest from the door.
2. Remove the other
3. Remove the glass
cover. Reach in, push the
front of the glass cover
up and, at the same time,
pull it forward as far as it
will come. Tilt it and
take it out.
4. Remove the
drawer frame.
(Always remove the glass
cover before you take out
the drawer frame.)
Lift the frame off the
supports at each side and
back, pull it forward, tilt
it and take it out.
To remove the drawers and their covers when the
fresh food compartment door cannot be opened fully,
follow the procedure that applies to your model.
To remlace:
1. Lower the frame
until it rests on the
supports at each side
and back.
2. Replace the drawers.
drawer slide, replace
it with the sloped end
at the front.
a. Slide one side of the
drawer onto the drawer slide.
b. Move the slide and drawer all the way to the
hinge side until the other side of the drawer rests on
the frame.
c. Slide the other drawer into place.
3. Replace the glass cover, pushing its rear edge
firmly into the rear frame channel and gently lowering
the front into place.



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