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Quick Serve Tm System; Quick Store; Shelves - GE 19 Use And Care & Installation Manual

Non-dispenser top-mount no-frost
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Porta-Bins on the Doors
Adjustable Porta-Bins on fresh food and freezer
compartment doors can easily be carried from the
refrigerator to the work area.
To remove: Lift
Porta-Bin straight up
until mounting hooks
To relocate: Select
desired shelf height,
engage Porta-Bin's hooks
in slots on the tracks of the door,
and push in and down. Porta-Bin will hook in place.
Quick Serve
These cooking-
dishes with durable
lids fit into a space-
saving under-the-
shelf rack. These
dishes can be
removed from and returned to the rack as needed, and
relocated anywhere in the fresh food compartment.
Dishes and lids are safe for use in microwave ovens,
refrigerators, freezers, and are dishwasher-safe.
Quick Store Bin
(on some models)
This removable tilt-out
bin made of Lexan@
be located on the fresh
food or freezer
compartment door. It has
been designed for
convenient storage of
those frequently used
items that do not fit
easily into a Porta-Bin or soon-to-be-used items that
require covered storage to keep from drying out.
To open, push the latch up
and pull the bin handle
–To avoid damaging the
before closing the
refrigerator door.
(on some models)
Snuggers are designed to give you storage flexibility in
Porta-Bins and on your fresh food door shelves. Items
such as salad dressings,
steak sauces and other
condiments can now be
kept securely against the
door liner to help prevent
tipping, spilling or sliding.
Place index finger and
middle finger on either
side of the snugger near
the front and S[rnply move
it back and forth to fit your needs.
The dishes should not be used for cooking high-fat
foods such as bacon and high-sugar foods such as
candy and syrup. The high temperatures of the fat and
sugar can cause bubbles to form on the inside of the
Dishes and lids are not
designed for use in the
regular oven, on the range-
top or in the broiler. Such
use can be hazardous.
To remove the bin, lift it
up and out of the bin
To relocate the Quick
Store unit, lift the bin
housing up and out of the
slots on the door, move it
to the desired new location,
and lower the hooks on the
housing into the slots on
the door. You do not have
to remove the bin from the
housing when relocating
the Quick Store unit.
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