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Conversation Record

While on a call, an extension user can have Voice Mail record the conversation. The keyset user just
presses their Voice Mail Record Key. Once recorded, the Voice Mail stores the conversation as a
new message in the user's mailbox. After calling their mailbox, a user can save, edit or delete the
recorded conversation.

Personal Answering Machine Emulation

A keyset user can have their idle extension emulate a personal answering machine. This lets Voice
Mail screen their calls, just like their answering machine at home. If activated, the extension's
incoming calls route to the user's subscriber mailbox. Once the mailbox answers, the user hears two
alert tones followed by the caller's incoming message. The keyset user can then:
Voice Mail Overflow
If Voice Mail automatically answers trunks, Voice Mail Overflow can reroute those trunks to an
extension, Ring Group or UCD Hunting group when all Voice Mail ports are busy. During periods
of high traffic, this prevents the outside calls from ringing Voice Mail for an inordinate amount of
time. Without overflow, the outside calls ring Voice Mail until a port becomes available or the out-
side caller hangs up.
In addition, Voice Mail can be the overflow destination for the following types of calls (refer to the
individual features for the specifics):

Message Center Mailbox

A Message Center Mailbox is a mailbox shared by more than one extension. Any keyset that has a
Message Center Key for the shared mailbox can:
A Message Center Mailbox helps co-workers that work together closely - such as members of the
same Pickup Group. For example, the group supervisor can send important messages to the shared
Message Center Mailbox, to which any group member can respond when time allows. Each group
member's Message Center Key flashes when messages are waiting.
DS1000/2000 Product Description
Let the call go through to their mailbox.
Intercept the call before it goes to their mailbox.
Direct Inward Line (page 40)
A trunk that directly rings an extension can overflow to Voice Mail.
Extension Hunting (page 47)
A trunk that rings an Extension Hunting group can overflow to Voice Mail.
Group Ring (page 52)
A trunk that rings a group of extensions can overflow to Voice Mail.
Key Ring (page 57)
A trunk ringing extension's line keys can overflow to Voice Mail.
Listen to the messages stored in the mailbox.
Transfer calls to the shared mailbox.
Use many other Voice Mail features previously available only at an extension's individual
Section 3: Features
Section 3: Features


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents