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Others; Ser Ccounts; Add   A   U Ser; Modify   A   U Ser - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE User Manual

Visix network camera.
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Table of Contents
10 Others    
10.1 Managing   U ser   A ccounts    
Enter   t he   U ser   M anagement   i nterface:    
Configuration   > Basic   C onfiguration>   S ecurity   >   U ser     O r   C onfiguration   >   A dvanced   C onfiguration>   S ecurity  
>   U ser      
The   a dmin   u ser   h as   a ccess   t o   c reate,   m odify   o r   d elete   o ther   a ccounts.   U p   t o   1 5   u ser   a ccounts   c an   b e  
ADD   A   U SER    
d. Click   A dd   t o   a dd   a   u ser.    
Input   t he   n ew   U ser   N ame,   s elect   L evel   a nd   i nput   P assword.    
T he   l evel   i ndicates   t he   p ermissions   y ou   g ive   t o   t he   u ser.   Y ou   c an   d efine   t he   u ser   a s  
Operator   o r   U ser.    
In   t he   B asic   P ermission   f ield   a nd   C amera   C onfiguration   f ield,   y ou   c an   c heck   o r   u ncheck  
the   p ermissions   f or   t he   n ew   u ser.    
Click   O K   t o   f inish   t he   u ser   a ddition.
MODIFY   A   U SER    
10225  Westmoor  Drive,  Suite  300,  Westminster,  CO  80021  |  |  (877)  3XLOGIC
User   I nformation
Figure  10-­‐1
Add   a   U ser  
Figure  10-­‐2
User  Manual|  VISIX   N etwork   C amera  


Table of Contents

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