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Tarting Ive Iew; Recording   A Nd Capturing Pictures Manually; Operatingp Tz Control; Ptz   C Ontrol   P Anel - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE User Manual

Visix network camera.
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Table of Contents
5.2 Starting   L ive   V iew    
In   t he   l ive   v iew   w indow   a s   s hown   i n   F igure   5 -­‐2,   c lick  
5.3 Recording   a nd   C apturing   P ictures   M anually      
In   t he   l ive   v iew   i nterface,   c lick  
view.   T he   s aving   p aths   o f   t he   c aptured   p ictures   a nd   c lips   c an   b e   s et   o n   t he   C onfiguration   >   L ocal   C onfiguration  
page.   T o   c onfigure   r emote   s cheduled   r ecording,   p lease   r efer   t o   S ection   7 .2.    
T he   c aptured   i mage   w ill   b e   s aved   a s   J PEG   f ile   o r   B MP   f ile   i n   y our   c omputer.    
5.4 Operating   P TZ   C ontrol    
In   t he   l ive   v iew   i nterface,   y ou   c an   u se   t he   P TZ   c ontrol   b uttons   t o   r ealize   p an/tilt/zoom   c ontrol   o f   t he   c amera.    
Before   y ou   s tart:    
To   r ealize   P TZ   c ontrol,   t he   c amera   c onnected   t o   t he   n etwork   m ust   s upport   t he   P TZ   f unction   o r   a   p an/tilt   u nit  
has   b een   i nstalled   t o   t he   c amera.   P lease   p roperly   s et   t he   P TZ   p arameters   o n   R S-­‐485   s ettings   p age   r eferring   t o  
Section   1 0.8   R S-­‐485   S ettings.    
10225  Westmoor  Drive,  Suite  300,  Westminster,  CO  80021  |  |  (877)  3XLOGIC
  o n   t he   t oolbar   t o   s tart   t he   l ive   v iew   o f   t he   c amera.      
Live   V iew   T oolbar    
Figure  5-­‐2
Table   5 -­‐1 Descriptions   o f   t he   T oolbar    
Start/Stop   l ive   v iew.    
The   w indow   s ize   i s   4 :3.    
The   w indow   s ize   i s   1 6:9.    
The   o riginal   w idow   s ize.    
Self-­‐adaptive   w indow   s ize.    
Live   v iew   w ith   t he   m ain   s tream.    
Live   v iew   w ith   t he   s ub   s tream.    
Live   v iew   w ith   t he   t hird   s tream.    
Click   t o   s elect   t he   t hird-­‐party   p lug-­‐in.    
Manually   c apture   t he   p icture.      
Manually   s tart/stop   r ecording.      
Audio   o n   a nd   a djust   v olume   / Mute.    
Turn   o n/off   m icrophone.    
Turn   o n/off   3 D   z ooming   f unction.    
  o n   t he   t oolbar   t o   c apture   t he   l ive   p ictures   o r   c lick  
User  Manual|  VISIX   N etwork   C amera  
  t o   r ecord   t he   l ive  


Table of Contents

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