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Email   S Ending   T Riggered   B Y   A Larm - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE User Manual

Visix network camera.
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Table of Contents
With   t he   f unction   e nabled,   y ou   d on't   n eed   t o   c onfigure   t he   p ort   m apping   f or   e ach   p ort,   a nd   t he   c amera   i s  
connected   t o   t he   W ide   A rea   N etwork   v ia   t he   r outer.    
1) Enter   t he   U PnP™   s ettings   i nterface.    
Configuration   > Advanced   C onfiguration   >   N etwork   >   U PnP    
2) Check   t he   c heckbox   t o   e nable   t he   U PnP™   f unction.    
The   n ame   o f   t he   d evice   w hen   d etected   o nline   c an   b e   e dited.    
The   s ystem   c an   b e   c onfigured   t o   s end   a n   E mail   n otification   t o   a ll   d esignated   r eceivers   i f   a n   a larm   e vent   i s  
detected,   e .g.,   m otion   d etection   e vent,   v ideo   l oss,   v ideo   t ampering,   e tc.    
Before   y ou   s tart:    
Please   c onfigure   t he   D NS   S erver   s ettings   u nder   B asic   C onfiguration   >   N etwork   >   T CP/IP   o r   A dvanced  
Configuration   >   N etwork   >   T CP/IP   b efore   u sing   t he   E mail   f unction.    
1) Enter   t he
T CP/IP   S ettings  
>   A dvanced   C onfiguration   >   N etwork   >   T CP/IP)   t o   s et   t he   I Pv4   A ddress,   I Pv4   S ubnet   M ask,   I Pv4  
Default   G ateway   a nd   t he   P referred   D NS   S erver.    
P lease   r efer   t o   S ection   6 .3.1   C onfiguring   T CP/IP   S ettings   f or   d etailed   i nformation.    
2) Enter   t he   E mail   S ettings   i nterface:    
Configuration   >   A dvanced   C onfiguration   >   N etwork   >   E mail      
10225  Westmoor  Drive,  Suite  300,  Westminster,  CO  80021  |  |  (877)  3XLOGIC
Configure   U PnP   S ettings    
Figure  6-­‐17
Configuration   >   B asic   C onfiguration   >   N etwork   >   T CP/IP   o r   C onfiguration  
User  Manual|  VISIX   N etwork   C amera  


Table of Contents

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