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Configuring   T Ext   O Verlay   S Ettings - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE User Manual

Visix network camera.
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Table of Contents
2) Edit   t he   c amera   n ame   i n   t he   t ext   f ield   o f   C amera   N ame.    
3) Select   f rom   t he   d rop-­‐down   l ist   t o   s et   t he   t ime   f ormat,   d ate   f ormat,   d isplay   m ode   a nd   t he   O SD   f ont   s ize.    
4) You   c an   u se   t he   m ouse   t o   c lick   a nd   d rag   t he   t ext   f rame  
adjust   t he   O SD   p osition.    
5) Click   S ave   t o   a ctivate   a bove   s ettings.    
You   c an   c ustomize   t he   t ext   o verlay.    
1) Enter   t he   T ext   O verlay   S ettings   i nterface:    
Configuration   >   A dvanced   C onfiguration   >   I mage   >   T ext   O verlay    
2) Check   t he   c heckbox   i n   f ront   o f   t extbox   t o   e nable   t he   o n-­‐screen   d isplay.    
3) Input   t he   c haracters   i n   t he   t extbox.    
10225  Westmoor  Drive,  Suite  300,  Westminster,  CO  80021  |  |  (877)  3XLOGIC
Adjust   O SD   L ocation    
Figure  6-­‐29
Text   O verlay    
Figure  6-­‐30
User  Manual|  VISIX   N etwork   C amera  
  i n   t he   l ive   v iew   w indow   t o  


Table of Contents

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