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Network   C Amera   C Onfiguration; Onfiguring Ocal Arameters - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE User Manual

Visix network camera.
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Table of Contents
6 Network   C amera   C onfiguration    
6.1 Configuring   L ocal   P arameters    
T he   l ocal   c onfiguration   r efers   t o   t he   p arameters   o f   t he   l ive   v iew,   r ecord   f iles   a nd   c aptured   p ictures.   T he  
record   f iles   a nd   c aptured   p ictures   a re   t he   o nes   y ou   r ecord   a nd   c aptured   u sing   t he   w eb   b rowser   a nd   t hus   t he  
saving   p aths   o f   t hem   a re   o n   t he   P C   r unning   t he   b rowser.    
1) Enter   t he   L ocal   C onfiguration   i nterface:   C onfiguration   >   L ocal  
2) Configure   t he   f ollowing   s ettings:      
Live   V iew   P arameters:   S et   t he   p rotocol   t ype   a nd   l ive   v iew   p erformance.    
Protocol   T ype:   T CP,   U DP,   M ULTICAST   a nd   H TTP   a re   s electable.    
TCP:   E nsures   c omplete   d elivery   o f   s treaming   d ata   a nd   b etter   v ideo   q uality,   y et   t he   r eal-­‐time  
transmission   w ill   b e   a ffected.    
UDP:   P rovides   r eal-­‐time   a udio   a nd   v ideo   s treams.    
HTTP:   A llows   t he   s ame   q uality   a s   o f   T CP   w ithout   s etting   s pecific   p orts   f or   s treaming   u nder   s ome  
network   e nvironments.    
MULTICAST:   I t's   r ecommended   t o   s elect   M CAST   t ype   w hen   u sing   t he   M ulticast   f unction.  
For   d etailed   i nformation   a bout   M ulticast,   r efer   t o   S ection   6 .3.1   T CP/IP   S ettings.    
Live   V iew   P erformance:   S et   t he   l ive   v iew   p erformance   t o   S hortest   D elay,   R eal   T ime,  
Balanced   o r   B est   F luency.    
Rules:   I t   r efers   t o   t he   r ules   o n   y our   l ocal   b rowser,   s elect   e nable   o r   d isable   t o   d isplay   o r   n ot  
display   t he   c olored   m arks   w hen   t he   m otion   d etection,   f ace   d etection,   o r   i ntrusion  
detection   i s   t riggered.   E .g.:   e nabled   a s   t he   r ules   a re,   a nd   t he   f ace   d etection   i s   e nabled   a s  
well,   w hen   a   f ace   i s   d etected,   i t   w ill   b e   m arked   w ith   a   g reen   r ectangle   o n   t he   l ive   v iew.    
Image   F ormat:   C hoose   t he   i mage   f ormat   f or   p icture   c apture.    
Record   F ile   S ettings:   S et   t he   s aving   p ath   o f   t he   r ecorded   v ideo   f iles.   V alid   f or   t he   r ecord   f iles  
you   r ecorded   w ith   t he   w eb   b rowser.    
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Local   C onfiguration   I nterface    
Figure  6-­‐1
User  Manual|  VISIX   N etwork   C amera  


Table of Contents

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